Best of 2018 People may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.

The past year has been a big, successful and eventful one – for me, for us, for all those people who walked with me and will continue to do so. I had the pleasure of working with so many great personalities. Behind their professionalism is always a lot of humanity and empathy. These are no robots, no rank careerists, but rather people who are passionate about what they do.

I am very grateful to have experienced this year with them – with you! And I am proud of what we have created and accomplished together and all the unconventional ways we have courageously taken together!



Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.

The hive as a wise model for team work, successful business practices and creating highest value.

"Under Stefanie’s direction, we have implemented probably the most impressive project in the history of our company. She has been the driving force who not only succeeded to motivate all team members and partners, but also guided us through complex processes with her structure and her excellent leadership skills and always empowered us to create something truly outstanding and unique."

Andreas Göltl – CEO Media Apparat

"I got to know Steffi as one of the rare outstanding professionals in the Austrian communications industry. She has always proven herself to be calm, reliable and thoughtful, never limited to just one discipline, but always thinking out of the box. Problems are solved rather than discussed. She is a true multi-talent without aires and grazes, without vain profiling. Thank you for the great cooperation!"

Jürgen Beilein – CEO zbc3


An idea isn’t worth that much. It’s the execution of the idea that has value.

Transform the unknown into something concrete and new. Move, inspire and touch the heart of people. Develop strategies. Tell stories and deliver the messages in an authentic and honest way.

"We asked Stefanie to join the Web3 Summit team and take over the project leadership in the middle of production with only two months left until the start of the event, having to work with and build on the team and resources already in place. She dealt with the legacy issues and got the production back on track very fast. We particularly appreciated her adaptability, efficient working approach and excellent communication skills. She was firm when needed and always diplomatic. I personally had complete confidence in her judgement and handling of all aspects under her responsibility, which proved correct with the delivery of an absolutely superlative event. She often went above and beyond expectations to ensure that the inaugural Web3 Summit was as good as it could possibly be, especially given the limited time and resources we had to work with. Overall, Stefanie's knowledge, experience, attention to detail and efficient mode of working in a team, made her a pleasure to work with. I would engage her without hesitation for our next big event."

Aeron Buchanan – Vice President Web3 Foundation

Web3 Summit, Funkhaus Berlin

"I have attended and worked at countless conferences, but none of them compare to EventHorizon 2018. The incredible team under the leadership of Stefanie delivered a spectacular, choreographed event, one that was both highly entertaining and highly informative. Most importantly, it was inspiring, leaving all in attendance with a sense that they can be part of a movement to change the world. I can't wait to do it all again in 2019"

Michael Casey – EventHorizon 2018, EMCEE

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your trust, time and appreciation over the last couple of months. You stood up for me, more than once, and that is not something I take for granted. Thank you for your words of wisdom, your encouragement to be someone great – simply THANK YOU for you being the way you are."

Constanze Leutner – Grande Dame de Operations – EventHorizon 2018

Insights from EventHorizon 2018

"Congratulations, Stefanie & team! As I have had the pleasure meeting you in person, I am a witness, that it’s about people & benefits for you – and not just love for tech or personal fame."

Sam Liban – TheSunProtocol, Attendee EventHorizon 2018

EventHorizon 2018, Kraftwerk Berlin

BEA World Awards 2018

Austrian Event Award 2018

For my partners Habegger Austria & Media Apparat

"It was our great pleasure that 'Servus Europa', the kick-off event for the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018, took place in Schladming on 30 June. A short time frame for the planning, the weather, the huge interest of media, the involvement of the population and the smooth and perfect implementation of a (political) schedule were just some of the key success criteria. Under your successful leadership, all relevant players and partners were brought together and wonderful pictures and reports from Austria, Styria and especially from Schladming were shared throughout Europe. We would like to thank you and your team for the excellent cooperation and we are looking forward to working together again under your charming leadership."

Manfred Breitfuss Congress Schladming, Jürgen Winter – Major of Schladming, Johannes Leitner City Office Director Schladming

"To master the leadership of such a large and complex project virtually alone requires overview, inner serenity and an open ear for many questions and needs. Steffi possessed all of these qualities – and many more."

Chris Harras – Artistic Director, Europa LIVE!


Building relationships and bridges – facilitate connections

Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued.
Stefanie is one of the few people who understands the essence of and in a person, together with his/her vision - and to express this visibly to the outside world. The words "professional, brilliant, authentic and at the highest level" best describe the collaboration with her!

Walter Kreisel – Entrepreneur. Keynote speaker. Leading driver of the energy transition. Passionate mountain biker and father of twins.

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