Placenta Keepsakes Not your typical memento

what do you do when you want to keep your placenta but don't want to ingest it?

Placenta stamps

One thing you can do is make a keepsake like the stamps above or umbilical cord art like below.

Framed umbilical keepsakes and a freshly made one.

Another way you can plan for a keepsake is to prepare the placenta for burial with a tree to symbolize the tree of life. The idea is to allow the placenta to nourish the plant as it did your baby for one last time. There isn't a specific tree you must use, some say apple trees for girls and pear trees for boys. Some people choose birch trees because they are big and strong. While others use rose bushes.

Apple tree blossoms

Would you prefer placenta keepsakes or burial ceremony?

Interested or have questions about placenta encapsulation?

Lets chat!


  1. Placenta: The Gift of Life, Cornelia Enning
  2. Placenta the Forgotten Chakra, Robin Lim
  3. Honoring the placenta, Dawn Frances-Pester
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Kristina Garcia


all photos by me

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