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Lesson 1

Why are apps so popular?

Apps are so popular since they made life easier for people. They solve problems, connect with other people, play games, and many more stuff.

What purpose does apps serve and what about them makes people keep wanting more?

Apps have different purposes but the main one I think is to make life easier by having almost everything you need in a device.

10 Apps:











Lesson 2

App Brainstorm:

·An app that does your homework.

·An app that gives you a summary of a book by taking a photo to it.

·An app that gives you a list of restaurants to go.

·An app that plans activities to do in the day.

·An app that gives you money

·An app with many games

Lesson 3

Apps for people who want to learn new languages
Apps for people who like sports game
Apps for people who likes to watch series or movies
Apps for people to likes to hear music, or play music games
Apps for people who like to read
Apps for people that like sports and want to know all that happens with their teams.

Lesson 4

Ranking of Apps by UI:











Lesson 5

Problems of the ideas of the apps

·An app that does your homework. (People would become more lazy and children would not learn, so making this app is a good idea but not factible to do)

·An app that gives you a summary of a book by taking a photo to it. (This app is a great idea, the problem that it solves is the time consuming of making a summary of really long books, and helps for time consuming tasks)

·An app that plans activities to do in the day. (The problem that this app solves is mainly for the ones that doesn't know what to do or they want to do something different but they don't know where to go. It's a good idea of app).

Lesson 6

My app will: We think of an App that could give the user a brief summary of a specific theme by just giving the name of it and even recommend him some books or articles that could help him in his research.

because:This App need to exist because it will help everybody to get information in a fast and trustworthy way that may help them to get an Idea of what they are looking for.

App Name: Shorten

Problem: The problem that this App want to find a solution is to the misinformation and also to get more people take interest in more themes and know were they could get more information so they can continue investigating further.

Lesson 7


Accelerometer: In other to know what the person is doing while using the app.

GPS: to know the location and give recommendations of places to go.

Camera: In order to give a good summary, a picture of the book would help a lot.

Touchscreen: In order to make user interaction and cool stuff.

Lesson 8

Why my app would be unique?

I consider my app as unique since it makes something different, maybe there are already web pages that give summaries of books but an app that with only a photo of a book, or simply adding the name of a book gives a whole bunch information without needing to open page by page in google.

Lesson 9

This two apps are the main competitors of my app.

The difference between those apps and my app is that my app is free and gives the summary of whole book rather than only the page.

Lesson 10

App journal 10

Design principles


-The user can favorite the recent book summary searches so they can search for the most relevant summary or the one the user is looking for.


-So the user has no issues with using it.


-So all people can know how to use it.

Lesson 11

App journal 11


Appealing icon

-Whatsapp (its simple and tells what the app is about)

Get right into the action

-Snapchat (the only tap you do is when you are login in or creating an account for the first time.

Initial on boarding/tutorial

-Normally game apps like FIFA Mobile show a tutorial on how to play and the different features they have.


Naming Activity








Hour of Code


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