The Brush Rabbit By Manuel Zarate and Ronaldo gonzalez

  • Information: Scientific name: Syvilagus bachmani
  • What they eat: The Brush Rabbit is an herbivore.
  • It eats grass, clover, berries, and woody vegetation during the winter months.
  • What Kills The Brush Rabbit: Brush Rabbit get killed by the following predators: Coyotes, Snakes, Mountain Lions, Foxes, Bobcat, Weasels, and bird of prey.
  • Other facts:
  • Brush Rabbits are known as: Western Brush Rabbit
  • When a young Brush Rabbit is 4-5 months old they are fully mature.
  • Length: 25-35 cm (10-14 inches)
  • Weight: Up to 0.9 Kgs (2 lbs)

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