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Jordan Geography

Jordan Valley: It is part of the great Rift Valley. It was created more that 20 million years ago. It extends from Southern Turkey through Lebanon and Syria to the Dead Sea. The Valley is called Nahr al'urdunn in Arabic. The Jordan River flows through the Valley. Jordan Valley goes through hot and dry Wadi 'Araba. The Valley is 155kilometers long or 508,530 feet. Jordan Valley is known for sheer, and the barren sides of the mountain.

Jordan Valley

Jordan River: It is 212 meters below sea level. It drains into the Dead Sea at 407 meters below the sea level. The river is between 20 or 30 meters long and it contains fertile soil. The Jordan river is significant for Jews because, the Israelites traveled the River. It is significance to Christians is the belief that Jesus was baptized by John his cousin. The river is polluted, so they need a way to filter the water.

Jordan River flowing into Dead sea

How does the eviroment affect the water ?

The dirt from the land makes the water from "The Jordan River" dirty. So making it a non usable source of water. If, the water was clean then it would provide them with water. So that is why Jordan needs a water filtration system. The valley has a sorta negative effect and positive. The negative effect is the dirt is falling into the River. Which is causing pollution in the water. The positive effect is it provides elevation for the flow of water.

Jordan's Culture

They practice religious teachings most of the time. They will have one group practicing Muslim, a second practicing Christianity, and another practicing Druze. 92% Muslim, 6% Christianity, and 2% Druze. Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, and we all are sinners. Muslim is the belief that God gave the holy books to a amour of messengers. Druze is the belief of movement of the souls, and a perfect society.

Christian, Muslim, Druze


Male: Tunic with pants, belt, and scarf for religious purposes.

Female: They were dresses which involve more color. They as well wear scarfs but, they have to hide there hair.


There Food they eat comes from Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestine culture. Jordan citizens have goats or sheep to produce cheese. Halloumi cheese is traditional. It is a mixture of both goat and sheep milk sometimes cow milk. They eat lamb as a traditional food as well. They use vegetables a lot as a stuffing for food. They love to drink tea or coffee.


Lamb Meat



Flat Bread


When they play traditionla music they use traditional instruments.

A rebab is like a bowed spike fiddle. It comes from India. They use it in orchestras. It is made from wood, horse tail, and copper wire. It is held in a vertical position in front of the chin. The bow is what is made of horse hair. It is hard to play. . It is not very loud either.

It has a wooden frame, and a fishskin head. It comes from the Middle East. It is accompaniment for Turkish and Arabic music. You use your fingers to play the instrument. There are positions such as classical (soft), cabaret (Loud) and uses jingles.

Classical position
Cabaret position

The Mijwiz is made in turkey. It is similar to the flute. It's one of the oldest wind instruments. It has 7 holes in the front and 1 hole in the back. It is a double pipe. It's made of bamboo reed that are put together. To play it you must not stop breathing. It uses a technique known as circular breathing. It is really popular in Jordan.


The product is The Jordan Filter. It will help to produce clean water. We are using an iris to help filter the water. The plants help purify water by absorbing Carbon Dioxide and releasing oxygen into the water. Osmosis is the process which water is absorbed by plants. Water is transferred through the roots of a plant.

How can filtered water help ?

Filter water will help by giving Jordan access to clean water. Filtered water is healthier that's tap water. It also prevents you from getting diseases. For example, if you drink dirty water you can get hepatitis. The filtered water is a very functional way to have clean, healthier, water.

Dirty water can cause disease's

It will lower the risk of disease. Typhoid because, it is spread through food and water that has been contaminated by human feaces. First symptom is a fever or pink rash on the abdomen. Blood poising as well.

Hepatitis A is spread through water and food. It causes jaundice which is rarely fatal. The treatment is vaccines. For Hepatitis A it is a typhoid vaccine that is needed. The other vaccine you can get for Hepatits B is the Hepatits A vaccine or the same for the Hepatitis A.

Hepatitis A & B
Typhoid vaccine
Black Iris

Big Question

What is your solution?


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