Animal Project Braxton Garrett

This is a electric eel tail a eel live in Amazon and the Orinoco River in South America. They eat small mammals like rats.

This is an porcupine body a porcupine lives in places like Asia, North and South America and they live in forests and deserts. They eat fruit and leaves.

This is a great white shark head great whites live in an ocean and sharks are carnivores so my animal is a carnivore. A shark is at the top of the food chain.Sharks are 6,600 feet deep. They eat sea lions and small whales.

This is my legs so I had to do the claws of a lobster. You can find small lobsters hiding in the seaweed and rocky areas. Lobsters eat fish,crabs,clams,mussels,sea urchin, and sometimes even other lobsters.

Created By
Braxton Garrett


I did all the work thank you

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