Unfamiliar Words Brenna Smith, Hannah Gaston, Patricia Hart

At Home

First, watch this video from 55 seconds to 2:37


After watching this video, you can see how context clues help to find the definition of an unknown word. Look at the following example to see how we can use context clues to figure out what the word ginormous means.

Example: The elephant was so ginormous. It was too big to fit into the house.

Looking at this sentence you can use the context clues to tell you that ginormous means big.

Now that you understand how to use context clues, read the following short story and write down 10 words that you do not know. Try and figure out the definition of these 10 words based off of the context clues in the story.

Come to class tomorrow with the 10 words and the definitions you found for them based off of the context clues.

In Class

Get in groups of 3 and compare the 10 words that you found with the definitions you have. As you compare your words and definitions, come up with three that were difficult to define or three that you don't have the same definition for.

As a class we will go over the three words that each group found to be difficult to define.

Then, as a class we will read out loud another short story. There will be 10 words on the board that were taken from the short story. As we are reading, the class will identify these words, and together we will define them using the context clues.

The 10 words that the students will identify together will be: pluck, punishment, brightened, postage, lept, disappear, bureau, patched, curious, interjected

After identifying the 10 words above and as a class figuring out the definitions based off of context clues, the students will then read independently and practice on their own. They will choose their own book to read, and will be given a piece of paper and a pencil to write out 10 unknown words and the definitions they find in their stories. They will turn this paper in at the end of class with the 10 words they came up with and the definitions.

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