Jorge Santiago's Train the Trainer 2018

Train the Trainer Orientation - Intro video

My name is Jorge. I have a Master's in Digital Media Design for Learning from New York University. I'm an Instructional Designer for a learning science company.

I have experience in Radio and Television, Multimedia, Creative Writing, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Instructional Design, Training, Educational Research and the role of ICTs for improving literacy and numeracy skills.

I'm interested in Audio and Video editing. I am still deciding whether to create a training lesson plan for Adobe Premiere or Audition.

Train the Trainer Class 1 - Creativity in education (Premiere)

Not only is creativity important in education, but it's crucial in the current workforce.

But, how do we think creatively?

There is no easy simple answer to this question. Creativity comes differently to everyone. Some people find creativity in solitude. Others find it in collaborative environments. I think creativity is truly the synthesis of the known and the unknown.

Learning to be creative in the classroom is challenging because of the current educational model. Personalized learning can help students tap into their creativity. In the case of digital learning, bringing something to life and sharing it with your peers and the world is more exciting than traditional assessment.

Students feel a stronger sense of ownership and pride when they are the creators of their own content. We can definitely foster creativity in education by leading by example.

Assignment #1 - Fictional training session created with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The making of video #1

It's been many years since I've used Adobe Premiere. Luckily, the interface has remained pretty consistent throughout the years.

I forgot how much fun it was to edit videos. It was a long but enjoyable process. I would like to get more familiar with the most commonly used shortcuts. I'm also keen on trying out images, transparencies, filters and some of the new effects and transitions.

Train the Trainer Class 2 - Creativity and Professional Development (Photoshop)

I found a lot of the learning material for week 2 to be incredibly useful. In particular, the use of questions to refer back to knowledge. Ultimately, I think we all want to help our learners understand and retain skills acquired from training sessions.

Tip 2 - Learn from our mistakes

On the 4 tips of expert guidance, tip #2 is perhaps the one I resonated with the most. I want to encourage my learners to learn from their mistakes. We are all so afraid to fail that sometimes we just can't seem to achieve that next step in learning.

Assignment #2 - Fictional Adobe Photoshop training session created with Adobe Premiere Pro CC


The making of video #2

This video took a longer time to make and I still had to leave out portions of the training. I need to get better at trimming out unnecessary step by steps.

I succeeded in working with pictures, audio, video, graphics and video effects that included motion and position. I'd like to try some video transitions and some pam and zooms.

Looking forward to recording and editing the Illustrator video.

Train the Trainer Class 3 - Creativity and Professional Development continued. (Illustrator)

It's interesting how much we're dealing with creativity. I find many of the tools that I've been using for this training session have allowed me to be more creative and reflective in my process.

I like the big push for participant centered learning objectives. Specifically motivating a learning to wanting to learn more.

I found the best tip this week was to supply immediate resources for your learners that they can use tomorrow.

I didn't quite understand the value of the badges until I saw how students are using them not only to validate accomplishment, but also to share their credibility, 21st century skills and lifelong pursuit of learning.

I'm already interested in creating a visual resume with badges in Adobe InDesign.

Assignment #3 - Fictional Adobe Illustrator training session created with Adobe Premiere Pro CC


The making of video # 3

This video took me a lot longer than I expected. I wanted to challenge myself and play with some new components in Premiere.

This time around I added:

  • Background music
  • Animated graphics
  • Title slides
  • Audio and Video transitions
  • Audio mixing

Next time I'd like to try Closed Captions and transitions between clips.

Train the Trainer Class 4 - Designing effective learning pathways. (InDesign)

I found this week's content to be the most interesting so far. Not being in front of the classroom, but managing digital content, makes it difficult to grasp all the various learning pathways.

I have done direct and guided practice, but have little experience with independent practice.

As for designing a lesson plan, I'm keen on exploring the various language I can use to be engaging, direct and maximize my student's learning.

Assignment #4 - InDesign training video

Lesson plan template


The making of video #4

Somehow this has been one of the hardest videos for me to make thus far. I feel very confident using Adobe InDesign, but Adobe Premiere seems to elude me at times. I keep forgetting the most basic features and commands. I've opted for starting a cheat sheet so I don't struggle too much for the next video.

This is the first time I edited audio externally in Adobe Audition. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but I got it to normalize all my audio files outside of Premiere Pro.

Creating the training plan in InDesign was actually really fun and exciting. I come from a Desktop Publishing background, so I challenged myself on exploring the new features. I was surprised at the ability to customize so much of the layout. I think I need to explore the Paragraph Styles a bit more.

I wish I could have worked a little bit more on the paragraph styles to truly make the document feel a bit more cohesive.

I think the biggest takeaway for me was the importance of a good clear lesson plan, but also how the language shapes the connection the learner will make with the content.

Train the Trainer Class 5 - Creating the training plan. (InDesign)

‚ÄčThis week I was particularly struct by Greg Hodgson's remark on be prepared for the worst. I can't say how many times I've encountered technological issues during live trainings, including some that I did earlier on in my career. The idea of having a backup plan and plan for your backup plan really drove home the importance of being prepared.

I'm also keen on the good and bad examples showcase to help learner's out.

It still makes me nervous to make content engaging, but I'm willing to try multiple things until I find my voice in training. I am however excited for the unexpected questions. I think it'll help me gage a better understanding of what my audience is ultimately interested in.

Assignment #5 - InDesign Training Plan

Reflections on Training Plan

I think I have a good idea as to what I need to do. I'm still uncertain as to weather or not I can teach all this information in a 1 hour session. I'll need to delve deeper into Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition to make sure the basics can be covered in a 5 minute video training video.

I'm curious to get some feedback so I can start figuring out what can and can't be done for the final lesson plan.

Assignment #6 - Software Video Demo

Badge (updated)
Photoshop flyer (updated)

Reflections on making the software video

This was an incredibly fun experience. I spent 2 days working on the software training video. The first day was dedicated to writing the script and the second day to recording and then editing the video. It's still fascinating to make a video in Premiere about using Premiere. Very meta. I did wait till the end to submit everything for week 6. This made it difficult to get the necessary feedback I was looking for. It is humbling a good reminder of what some students go through when submitting final assignments. I think everything I've learned in this course has helped me immensely. Doing a video like this would've taken me over a week. I was able to focus and use everything I've learned to organize myself, including the training plan and earlier resources. I look forward to taking this course again next year and see how far I've come.

Reflections on week 6

I have taken everything I've learned in the past 2 months and re-applied it to the Photoshop flyer, Illustrator badge and InDesign Training Plan. I was surprised at how easy and fun it was to go back and update things. Definitely feel like I've grown significantly with how I view content, presentation and iteration.

Assignment # 7 - Training Plan (Final Draft)

The end is finally here. Updating the final draft wasn't that hard. I was concerned however with how to do pages 2 and 3 of the document. I've added Opening and Closing sections along with a resources section.

For opening I'm interested in the participant's prior knowledge. What do they hope to get out of the course? Why is learning this important?

For closing I'm curious to see what they thought of the course. Was it helpful? What could have been done differently? Reflections on what they learned.

For resources I want to add audio and video resources along with a sample video on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition.

Assignment #8 - Training Plan (Final)

What a rewarding journey. I stepped away from the final draft and took feedback from my peers before delivering this final training plan. It helped to have so many good examples to look at, as well as having the time to reflect on all the things I've learned for this course.

I want to continue taking more Adobe Education Exchange courses. This has been a great exercise. I feel more confident in my Adobe CC skills.

Next up, refreshing my Adobe Dreamweaver skills and going deeper into Adobe Captivate.

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