Poodles BY:Seya

Did you know that poodles are one of the smartest dogs on earth?Back in the history almost everyone owned at least 1 poodle in Germany!They have in all 3 types of poodles.The biggest and most seen one is standard poodles,and the other 2 are the mini ones they're called miniature poodles and toy poodles. Read on to find out more about the amazing appearance of a poodle,all the unique kinds,the interesting history,and lastly, all the wonderful fur coats!

Poodles have body parts that are just made for them! Standard poodles, or what we call regular poodles, have long skinny legs and they are very tall.Poodles are circus dogs so their long legs will help them to jump a lot.Even miniature size poodles are short they can jump really high.Thinking of poodles, you will think of their thick fur coat!They have woolly texture of fur it’s kind of like sheep fur!Standard poodles are very tall dogs.Some can even be as tall as a human’s waist!Poodles have many interesting and cool body parts!

There are 3 different types of poodles,there’s standard poodles,toy poodles,and lastly miniature poodles!Many people owned miniature poodles and toy poodles more than standard poodles,because standard poodles get super big when they grow.Standard poodles now and days are getting harder to find,and if you find one you might just walk past them cause there really pricy.So,all together they have 3 kinds and types!

Poodles are one of the most popular dogs in the history!In the olden days almost everyone have owned a poodle!In the history people dress up in fancy dresses and suits.So they would have a fancy dog like poodles.Poodles are breed in Germany,the word poodle in German language means splash or puddle cause poodles are known for water dogs.Back then they were used to perform in circuses.It’s because they are smart dogs and easy to train.Poodles are great history dogs,they are smart,easy to train,and most definetly awesome!

When think of we poodles we think of there fur coat,they have very thick fur coats.There's 2 layers of fur.The first layer is there inner layer it is used for keeping them warm in winter.The 2nd layer is there top coat that’s the layer that's really thick and wooly.People go to dog salons to get there poodle weird haircuts.People can go crazy with their haircut some people even cuts there fur into pictures!

Poodles are unique dogs.They are smart,energetic,and loyal.They have parts that are just made for them,and they have 3 types!So maybe next time if you see poodles at the store,what are u waiting for!Go get yourself one!


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