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Deliveroo is a british delivery service that delivers food from a variety of partner restaurants to their customers. It was created in 2013 in today already exists in 11 countries all over the world. The social media strategy, explained in the next lines, will first cover the social media goals of the company and further on how they are going to meet those.

The goals Deliveroo wants to achieve with their Social Media strategy are first of all increased brand awareness and increased traffic on their website, to increase the number of customers using their service. Furthermore, they want to boost brand engagement, which includes producing engaging contents and responding to customer feedbacks. Moreover, a goal they are trying to meet is brand loyalty. This consists of building a community around the business, that will stay loyal to the firm.

First, let’s see the strategy of folksonomy. It is the process of using public tags related to a theme in order to find information online about this theme. In the case of Deliveroo, it will be used in parallel to its’ social network strategy. When Deliveroo posts online information to the social networking websites, they will be using keywords related to the business of food delivery. The possible keywords they can use are: Food delivery, Food, Delicious, Foodporn, Foodilicious, etc. Through the use of folksonomy, people searching for topics related to food or home delivery, will hopefully land on our social networking sites /website and become new customers. Hence, Deliveroo is hoping to reach out to new customers who are looking for the services provided by them.

Microblog would also be a solution to achieve new customers and also keep old ones. A microblog is - as the name suggests - a very small blog. It typically consists of only one sentence or 200 words. Deliveroo could use a microblog to inform and update the internet world on new offers like new partners, discounts or promotions, via sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. . Being short, these messages would be easily created by Deliveroo as well as easily understood by potential customers. Additionally , these microblogs could work with the the strategy of Folksonomy we have seen in the example before hand. Those little key words can be used in microblogs to raise awareness for the company on many different sites.

Because microblog messages are short, frequent updating would be essential in order to keep the customers aware of what is going on. This is where Rich Site Summary - or RSS - comes into play. RSS allows a user to be updated on changing content. In other words, as soon as a new piece of information is published, the reader will receive this piece of information in the form of a notification. The high frequency of posting a microblog would make the use of RSS essential, as it would allow their customers to be updated without them actively checking.

Moreover, Deliveroo will be hiring clients to test, evaluate, and order through the website to judge the quality of service, time to receive the delivery and their overall impression of the website. The hired clients will share their experiences with Deliveroo and the result of their purchase through video blogging or blogging, which is the act of publishing a short video or article on a topic. Those already known authors will then share their video blogs or blogs on several social media outlets such as; Blog, Reddit,, YouTube, and Facebook or even their own blog. Hiring clients to share their experiences with the company, is one of the most effective ways of company advertising because potential customers are more likely to respond to a service when someone, they have already read/seen before, tells them about it. Thus, it will increased brand awareness, and hence increase in the amount of traffic on their website.

Another strategy can be to establish online communities. Those are virtual communities of people from all over the world who interact with each other to discuss a mutual interest or go after a common goal. Deliveroo could create such a community by adding a comment sections under every restaurant available. There people could give their feedback upon this specific restaurant: what they would recommend and what they wouldn’t and people answering to their comments. Through this their clients can interact with other clients and share tips with each other. It will hopefully create a community between them and around the firm, that will bring customers back to Deliveroo.

Additionally Deliveroo can create forums, which are open sites for people to comment and discuss on specific subjects. Deliveroo will be launching its’ own forum which will be linked from it’s main website. Here, customers will be able to create new threats or comment on the existing ones. Through the use of forums, Deliveroo will be able to create a strong relationship with its’ customer base. This is will be done by giving feedback to the discussions on the forum. As Deliveroo will be informed about what the customers like and don’t, they can respond to the comments their clients make and therefore improve their brand engagement. In addition to this, possible new customers will be able to go on the forum to read others’ comments and gain information about Deliveroo. Hence, it also increase brand awareness.

Furthermore, the company could focus on delivering an effective and social customer service. This service could consist of a live chat, that is available 24/7 for people that are currently visiting the website. The chat will automatically pop up on the website, to show customers that this service is made available for them, if they need it. On this chat they can ask any question, that they might have about the company (how it works, etc.). It is a social interaction, a conversation, between the company and the customer that shows how engaged the firm is to satisfy their clients. This will create a good reputation and hence ensure customer loyalty.


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