So you want to make a Pasty?

Start with the finest ingredients...
Wash, clean, and peel your veggies.
The meats. Chipped flank steak or ground beef and ground pork. Too bad grocery stores in Nebraska don't have pasty meat. No coarse ground beef and pork. No beef suet, either.
Chopped veggies, ready to go.
Chipped flank steak mixed with the veggies.
Ground beef and pork...
Unbleached flour and some salt.
Add some shortening... or lard if anyone carries it!
Mix with sone cold water...
Take a handful and put it on a heavily floured counter top....
Roll it out, and...
Fill it with the good stuff!
Carefully fold and shape it.
Place on a baking sheet with some parchment paper....
Some good time in the oven!
Patience and hard work always pays off!
The second batch had some more generous portions!

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