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media makes the world go DING

Hypothesis: Does my media consumption data fit the data for average 18+ year old African American's?


SnapChat , Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are my main 4 mediums of consumption.
Comparing my media consumption to Nielson's report, I fit directly into the 26% that consume media by some form of digital media. Me fitting into this category of people also proves that for my generation, more people close to my age consume media digitally. Although most African American's use Live TV as a medium, I do not. I feel because I'm a college student and I also am rarely around TV, I rarely consume media through Live TV. Also, as a young adult, I look for convenience and digital media consumption gives me just that.

Cookie Prints: In conclusion, Nielson reported that there is a slight increase in digital media consumption. I believe that because everything is going digital and we as a younger generation look for convenience and fast access. Because we are always on our phones, tablets, and laptops this increases our digital media consumption.

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