Chevy 3100 Pickup because I needed a topic to demonstrate this to all my students who are going to use this for their projects!

The 3100 series of Chevy Pickups started production in 1947, in the post WW2 years. It was considered the best of the post WW2 pickup trucks based on safety and features; although most other manufactures of pickups shortly implemented their own features that were comparable in nature.

You can tell the difference between a 1947-1953 and a 1954-55 by two main features - the windshield (the earlier ones were split down the middle to make 2 separate pieces of glass) and the later were an early version of the curved windshield. The other is the grill - the early ones were vents similar to the blue pickup above, and the later were the bars as show in the first picture above.

Notice the difference in the grill and windshield!

Chevy revised the 3100 series in 1954 and 1955 to introduce new automotive concepts, such as lots of chrome, curved windshields, etc. However, poor sales, and the fact that it was always intended to only be a demonstration led to the entire model series being discontinued.

Due to the short production run of the 54 & 55 models, the original rear bumper and hood ornament are extremely rare to find and there was one instance of a 1954 in the original factory box hood ornament going for auction for over $100,000 USD.

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