To disconnect in the valley of the chambre au Loup à Iffendic

Want a change of scenery ? take a stroll in this sensitive natural area of Haute-Bretagne department Ille et Vilaine with the airs of "small canyon" or Canadian forest 30 minutes west of Rennes, in Iffendic.

Put on your hiking boots, get high and enjoy the beautiful view of a landscape of wooded moors that surround the stream at the foot of the cliffs. But where do these high cliffs of 35m come from? they were dug by a collapse due to faults in the shale folds and erosion caused by the river.

The geology of the country of Brocéliande is particular. Purple shale, with its purplish color gives the surrounding landscapes and local constructions a singular physiognomy. The many rocky outcrops, which may seem inhospitable, are very rich botanically and zoologically as illustrated by the valley of the chambre au loup.

the heath, composed of heather, gorse and broom, sometimes even only lichen and moss, grows on areas of rocky outcrops.

For lovers of thrills, the valley of the Wolf room is also a climbing site ! (contact Sun Loisirs 06 26 56 28 48)

Oral tradition reports that the last wolf in the region lived in a cave on the cliff. A resident of the hamlet of Boutavent, located near the valley, we learned that his mother, born in 1890 had seen a wolf on the way to the school of Saint-Péran !

By observing the forms of the rocks well, one notices the silhouette of a wolf mouth raised towards the sky.

It is said that every time Brittany is threatened, the big wolf turns into an invincible warrior !

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The valley of the Wolf room offers great walks, to do in summer and winter! A tip, come and have a picnic on a summer evening while the sun is setting and let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the purple rocky outcrops, the gold of its gorse and broom associated with heather violin and lichen bronze. Or so early in the morning when the mist still invades the forest, mysterious atmosphere guaranteed !

Here is also hiding a Treasury of Haute-Bretagne, so download the application quickly and go play geocaching !

You are not tired ? then continue your walk by taking the GR37 Tour of Brocéliande to reach the natural and medieval site of Boutavent, other stories await you ! You are not far from Lake of Tremelin either, a natural and recreational site where every member of the family will find something to enjoy.
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