Jaguars by:hunter

Jaguars Diet

jaguars are carnivores and carnivores only eat meat so Jaguars eat deer, peccary, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, deer, sloths, tapirs, turtles, eggs, frogs, fish.

The jaguar is crepuscular, which means it is active at dawn and dusk.

Where do jaguars live

They can be found in North, Central and South America.

Are jaguars threatend

Jaguars are near threatened and if they are near threatened jaguars might not be here in the future.

These jaguars are near threatened

A Jaguars scientific name

A jaguars scientific name is Panthera onca

i can't believe that there scientific name is Panthera onca

The family that a jaguars are in felidae.

Jaguar Predators and Threats

Due to the large size and dominant nature of the Jaguar, there are no other wild animals that are known to actually consider it as prey. and The jaguar has no natural predators, according to the Rain forest Alliance. Humans are the main threat for jaguars, through poaching and loss of natural habitat.

25 tigers will destroy this whole city

Size (L): 1.1m - 1.9m (43in - 75in) Weight: 36kg - 160kg (79lbs - 350lbs).

Jaguar Interesting Facts and Features

Jaguars have the strongest bite force of all Cats and like other 'big' Cats they can roar (other Cats cannot). The Jaguar is undoubtedly a strikingly beautiful animal and has naturally caught the attention of both scientists and hunters alike, with many individuals sadly having been poached for their distinctively patterned fur.


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