This Land is Your Land By: Jared Gordon

Since the Progressive Era, America has worked to protect its natural resources as shown through Animal protection laws,the Clean Air Act and Antiquities Act.

Animal Protection Laws

90 percent of elephants have been knocked out in 10 years (Bramwell 82)

The overall Animal Population has greatly declined over the past years, as a result all vegetation will be negatively affected.

Clean Air Act

“Humans may contract infectious diseases by ingesting contaminated air, by touching an object such as a faucet or a coin that contains a deposit of pathogen” (Public Health 1)

Dust forms over leaves which blocks out sunlight reduces photosynthesis which limits the amount of oxygen released by plants (Bramwell 70)

Antiquities Act

“It authorizes federal courts to impose a fine of up to $500 and imprisonment of up to ninety days against any person convicted of violating the criminal provision of the act” (McLaughlin 1)

Protecting important landmarks, punishing those who intend to hurt this sacred land.

The government needs to take notice and do something to help protect the environment. Changes need to and are occurring because of Animal protection laws, the Clean Air Act and Antiquities Act.


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