Summer Camp Director by Katie McFarland

Daily Tasks include planning and delivering required staff training components, along with planning and disseminating weekly schedules for all activities to staff and management. Pro-actively identifying and solving problems and areas of concern for staff, campers, and volunteers, keeping inventory of all supplies, and coordinating daily and weekly cleanups is another task of a summer camp director.

Work Schedule: June 5 - August 4, everyday

Salary: $40,000 - $45,000

Education required is a Bachelor's degree and it helps to have a significant formal education.

Work Environment: Works with a large range of kids, older and younger. Work takes place outdoors in warm or hot weather, rain or shine, cloudy or sunny.

Issues/Problems that may arise are an assortment of injuries. Activities could not go as planned. Equipment may break. Someone can become sick and not able to participate.

Benefits: Gets all winter and fall off.

How do they help children and/ or families? A summer camp director helps teach kids how to work together by putting them through several different team building activities. Kids learn new ways to make friends with others they meet at the camp. The director is there to direct the kids in learning new skills through multiple fun activities. Directors help parents by taking the kids off their hands for a week allowing the parents some peace and quiet.

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