Pirate Pages September 28, 2018


By: Kaiden Sharp and Dawson Boyd, Sports Reporters

The 7th Grade Volleyball Team has had a pretty dominant season, coming over top of most teams. On the 8th grade, side they have just about an even record.

Lately, 7th Grade played Salem and 8th grade played Silver Creek. Here are the results for 7th grade: 1st set 24-25 Salem, 2nd set 25-15 Charlestown, 3rd set 14-15 Salem. The 7th grade was put out first round. For the 8th grade team, the score was: 1st set 14-25 Silver Creek, 2nd set 20-25 Silver Creek and again the Pirates are put out first round.

Here are a few statements from some of the players: Addi Roberts 8th Grade, “They played a very hard game against Silver Creek although they did let a lot of balls hit the ground before they could get to it.” Lienna Blackstone, “It was a great game against Salem, but we could not pull through for the win.”

But all in all they all had a winning season with a few games left

See You at the Pole

By: Zander Morris, Reporter

CHARLESTOWN, IN--Above the sound of idling busses and traffic, students gathered to pray. Wednesday morning the Charlestown Middle School Fellowship of Christian Athletes participated in See You At The Pole.

A small group of teenagers in Burleson, Texas felt led by God to pray. Not knowing exactly what to do, they went to the school flagpoles and prayed for their friends, schools, and leaders. This small group of students challenged other schools to do the same. The challenge was named See You at the Pole at a brainstorming session during a meeting of youth leaders. Since 1991, See You at the Pole has grown to God-sized proportions. Within the first few years, the movement began to spread to other nations through missionaries from the U.S. Now each year, an estimated 1 million students from all the world participate in See You at the Pole. Students in more than 64 countries have participated.

The morning began with worship music to greet staff and students as they approached the building. “It’s always a joy to come do this,” stated Tyler Pavey, a local worship minister. FCA leaders Skyler Green and Emily Miller then led a short devotional to the students in attendance. Finally, all students were given the opportunity to pray. “It brings people together and allows them to get closer to Jesus,” said Vanessa Gogel. She has participated each year at CMS.

New School?

Kelly Orcutt, Reporter

Charlestown Middle School - Greater Clark had been fighting for a 22 million dollar renovation for the three open concept schools. The school board finally approved it in the summer of 2017.Charlestown Middle School is one of three schools receiving 7 million dollars to improve the school’s layout, as well as the children’s safety and education.

By state statute, Greater Clark had to have a petition that consisted of the people supporting the project and the people who didn't support it. We needed to have more signatures than the non-supporters to get the project approved. It took many months to get the results, but in the end we won with almost double the amount of signatures than the people who did not support it.

The renovation started in December last year. The classrooms will be fully enclosed with doors and walls. Some classrooms will have garage doors, so the two classes can collaborate. Science teachers will have both a lab and a classroom, so the class can operate more efficiently. Superintendent Dr. Andrew Melin said, “Overall, we have increased the total number of classrooms which will be able to handle additional growth in student enrollment.” The project will be completed around Christmas time.


Chloe Umbriet, Mariah Rawson, and Maci Vaughn, Weather Reporters

Storm Gordon and Hurricane Florence make headlines, as they are some of the extreme weather challenges we are presented with this year. Here is some of the information we have on them as of this moment.

Tropical Storm Gordon made landfall just west of the Alabama - Mississippi border late Tuesday September 4th, bringing it with sustained winds of 70mph. Schools were closed, and states of emergency were declared as the gulf braced for heavy rains, high winds, and storm surge from the tropical storm. Ryan Maue interviewed governors, and spoke to them about their preparations for the storm. "Please make your final preparations today in advance of Gordon making landfall tonight," Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant tweeted. Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards also declared a state of emergency, saying hundreds of National Guard members would be deployed in coastal areas. Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey issued a similar declaration. "All coastal Alabama residents need to prepare now ahead of tonight’s potential landfall," she tweeted. "Our state will be ready for whatever Gordon may bring." The governors of Florida and Texas said they were monitoring developments. Kentuckiana and other areas are receiving rainfall from Gordon, and the precipitation levels are high. We received rainfall and have slight winds.

As Hurricane Florence makes landfall we still don’t know all information at this moment, but what we do know is Hurricane Florence rapidly intensified southeast of Bermuda, and is going to lash the East Coast friday September 14th with life-threatening storm surge, destructive winds and massive inland rainfall flooding in one of the strongest strikes on this part of the East Coast on record. A strike on the U.S. East Coast is now likely. Florence is generating dangerous surf and ripped currents. Massive inland rainfall flooding is also expected from Florence. Tropical storm winds will arrive Wednesday night, at top speeds. Sunday September 9th, the storm increased its strength. Hurricane florence is currently classified as a class 4 hurricane. Meteorologist say storm florence will hit the east coast maintained as a class 4. Florence is followed by two other storms, Isaac, and Helene. The storms wind record was 140mph, and is expected to hit late day September 11-2018 or early day September 12-2018. September 12-2018 the wind increased to 160 mph, and changed paths. The storm is expected to hit North Carolina, South Carolina and the Washington D.C. area. Maryland, and other states are under a state of emergency. The storm started to head to North Carolina and Storm Florence categorized down to a category 2 and then decreased again to a tropical depression. September 13-2018. Storm Florence hit September 14th. Hundred and thousands are without power. Hurricane Florence is now a tropical depression which has claimed more than 37 lives.

Nike Controversy

By: Alex Sheehan and Cole Tincher, Business Reporters

On August 14, 2017, Colin Kaepernick kneeled for the first time. The first couple times it went unnoticed. But on August 26, his pre season debut, it was noticed for the first time. Tate Adams, a student at CMS, said, “It is disrespectful to our country and to the people who served in our military and fought for our country. When he kneels for the flag he thinks he is standing up for something, but he's actually standing against something.” Some believe by kneeling he is disrespecting the flag and those who have fought for our country, but others think that he is standing against racism.

At the beginning of the season, last year, he was released, and this off season he was a free agent. Little did everyone know that he was being paid by Nike, and that is when the advertisement “Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything” came out. Many were raged by this and the #JustBurnIt was made shortly after the ad was released. Their stock dropped to an all time low and some felt their boycott was working. Nike lost an estimated $3.75 billion after this! Now Nike’s stock is back to normal. The AD with Colin Kaepernick caused lots of memes to come out, in protest against it.

This is an example of a meme about the Nike advertisement. A few years ago, the Seattle Seahawks had a dominate running back, Marshawn Lynch, with only a few yards to go all they had to do was give Lynch the ball and they win the game. The next play they decide to pass and get the ball intercepted. They gave up the Super Bowl, and a couple years later this meme came out.

Staff Spotlight

By:Matthew Orr and Josh Nelson

Mrs. Wesely is the principal at CMS and has served in that role for seven years. Mrs. Wesely said, “I wanted to be a teacher because I liked to help other kids in my neighborhood.” She also liked school a lot, and her favorite subject was band. When she went into college, she was in the marching band.

When Mrs. Wesely was in school, she said that she didn’t want to be a teacher, but when she went to college she decided she wanted to work in schools. She has enjoyed each and everyday learning about new kids and she hopes to learn about even more kids down the road from now.

Billboard Songs

By: Sarah and Sierra, Entertainment Reporters

Have you heard of these top 20 billboard songs? We bring you the Top 20 Billboard songs from The Hot 100, that you may have heard, or maybe you haven’t, but now you can!

-In My Feelings- Drake

-Girls Like You- Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

-I Like It- Cardi B ft Bad Bunny and J Balvin

-Better Now- Post Malone

-Lucid dreams- Juice WORLD

-I Love It- Kanye West and Lil Pump

-Fefe- 6ix9ine ft Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz

-Sicko Mode- Travis Scott

-Taste- Tyga ft Offset

-Love Lies- Khalid ft Normani

-Young Blood- 5 Seconds of Summer

-No Brainer- Dj Khaled ft Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo

-Rap Devil- Machine Gun Kelly

-Boo’d Up- Ella Mai

-Natural- Imagine Dragons

-God is a Woman- Ariana Grande

-Nonstop- Drake

-Lucky You- Eminem ft Joyner Lucas

-Back to You- Selena Gomez

-Yes Indeed- Lil Baby and Drake

Comedy Corner

By: Josh Andrews and Lily Glasgow

What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don't know, but the flag is a big plus

Why don’t Scientists trust atoms ? Cause they make up everything

Where are averaged things manufactured ? A Satisfactory

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