#DietGoals with Pickle Healthy Meal Delivery! plus THREE AWESOME tips on making sure you stick with your chosen food delivery plan

#diet, #beastmode, #gym, #sexygoals #balikalindogprogram, I'm sure you all are familiar with these hashtags.

And because summer is once again, peeking through the corner, here goes having to diet again. But why are we making a fuss about diet? WHY EXACTLY DO WE NEED TO DO THAT?


Well, for starters, let's just say that we don't need to create something negative out of the word 'diet'.

But then again, it all depends on your perception of what and how it really works. Diet isn't just about losing weight or becoming slimmer than what your current body figure is. It's about eating healthy, and PICKLE FOOD CO. is one of those options that you need to try if you are based in Manila.

With fun, fresh meals delivered to your doorstep everyday of the week, you wouldn't worry about what you need to eat at all.

You are sure that you always get your food portions right, and no fuss eating is required.

Not only that, Pickle Co. works entirely to teach you on how to eat healthy, which means that you will be more energized, active and positive to get through each day.

And they are the only diet delivery service which serves cold-pressed juices that are very addicting and refreshing.

But as much as Pickle Co. would like to commit on making sure that you feel good and look good, it would also be best to follow these tips on making sure that you yourself can also commit to a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

1. Try your best to stay on schedule even on the weekends.

Try to experiment in your own kitchen. Be particular with portions and learn to cook something new! Cooking your own food during weekends also helps you save, make way for bonding with the family and most of all, you'd know exactly what you are eating!

2. Eat using small plates.

Yes, the power of small is strong with this one. Using small plates when eating not only creates the effect that you're plate is full of food, it also trains you to eat less. So grab that 'platito' and start eating!

3. And last but definitely not the least --- MOVE.

Even those who choose to have surgical procedures to be sexy are required to move. Having a balanced diet with some exercise is crucial. And no, I'm not telling you to head over the nearest crossfit gym either. Walking, using the stairs, and doing chores are great alternatives for exercise. So eat well and move to achieve a healthier lifestyle!

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