Nonfiction TJ Whelan

In Nonfiction books you will find there are a lot of text features. Text features change how books look and how you learn the information. Text features make the pages look more appealing so readers want to read them and learn while they do.
Facts or opinions?

In Nonfiction there are absolutely no opinions allowed. Nonfiction is all facts so everything is totally true.

Maps occur very often in nonfiction. Maps show where everything happened do give the reader more of a visual.

Glossary's occur in just about every nonfiction book. Glossary's are in the back of the book and hold the definition to all the big vocabulary words that are in the book.

What Does Nonfiction Look Like?

Newspapers, books, and news websites are all forms of nonfiction. They can have text features and are full of only facts and not opinions. Nonfiction is to inform you of something.

St. Louis Cardinals: The Story of a Great Baseball Club

Nuclear Roulette

Meteorology The Study of Weather

These are all nonfiction books that I have read personally. These books are full of text features and tell the reader true information. I have read these for school projects and on my own and enjoyed them all.

Have Fun Reading Nonfiction!!

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