Togo Project by: Kyle Provost

Togo is slightly smaller than west virginia
Climate: Togo is Semi-arid in the north, humid in the south and tropical
The Tallest Mountain in Togo is called Mount Agou which stands at 3,235 ft.
Natural Resources: Phosphates, limestone, Marble, Arable land that can be used to grow crops
Clothing: Loose fitting clothing, bright colors along with colorful beads
Natural Hazards: Periodic droughts/Floods, hot dry wind reduces visibility in the winter
The Male life expectancy in Togo is about 62.3 years. While the average female life expectancy is 67.7. This chart shows the life expectancy at birth throughout the years
The Current Population Of Togo is currently standing at 7 Million people
  • Faure Gnassingbe is the President/Politician of Togo
  • Was assigned president right after Gnassingbe Eyadema
  • Has been president since 2005 shortly after Eyadema's death
1 Dollar in Togo is worth 0.0016 US dollars

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