Mi` Heroe

I decided to interview Ms. Gonzalez, because she has been a positive influence in my life every since I met her. Knowing her for around 8 months, created trust and comfort. She is my Social Studies teacher, and I knew she had a background that would interest others to hear about. She works hard as a teacher, and many students enjoy having her around.

Ms. Gonzalez growing up faced a lot of challenges in her life. Pico Rivera was her home town and she explained to us how the streets were usually filled with gangs and drugs. As a kid, in a violent neighborhood you have to try your best to not fall into a trap. This means to hang out with the wrong people that could lead you to death or to problems. She also explained how in her freshman year she had to deal with a horrible situation that made her not focus on her studies and in her normal life. No one has a perfect life, and Ms.Gonzalez has suffered from multiple losses.

Her accomplishments have made her into the person that she is today. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies and minor in Urban Studies and Planning at University of California, San Diego. She then got her Masters of Arts in Secondary Urban Education and Social Studies teaching credential at Loyola Marymount University. Although Ms. Gonzalez had a difficult childhood, thankfully she managed to get out of it. She represents the Latino community in a positive way, because she has fought for her voice and never gave up.

After interviewing Ms. Gonzalez I learned that our current problems right now, won't mean anything to us in 5 years. Many challenges enter our life, and it's our own responsibility to solve them. I can connect with her, because I myself don't really live in a safe neighborhood and constantly have to be aware of gun shots or car accidents. In the future years I see myself moving out of the danger and achieve a great education just like Ms.Gonzalez.

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