Freshman Meal Plans at Clemson University Dinaisya Harrison, Writing 1030-29, November 22, 2016, Clemson University

Freshman at Clemson University are required to have a meal plan when they live on campus. There are only three meal plans students can pick from and two Dining Halls on campus.

By creating a questionnaire available to Freshman Clemson students, I was able to gather some of my own research on what students thought about Clemson's Meal Plans.

Clemson also offers other locations to eat at by using the paw points, which serve as pre paid money students purchased with their meal plan.
Overall students at Clemson are not satisfied with their dining halls and there are many variables that factor into a students satisfaction level.
Students should always feel that they are getting their moneys worth. But if we can't change what Clemson does about their dining halls, students can learn how to make the most out of what they paid for.

Students can make the most of their meal plans by eating every meal at the dining halls. This way makes sure that they are eating throughout the day and getting the most out of what they have paid for.

Another way to make the most of their meal plan is to plan out their meals. For a college student it is very hard to find time to plan out your meals, but if you do find time meal planning works. If you go to Clemson Dining website they have the menus for both dining locations and for every meal. They also offer lots of resources on how to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle with Clemson's meal plan.

Students can also take food to go. Clemson offers a to go box to anyone that goes to here. Having this to go box makes it coveinent for students to eat in their room or other places on campus if they don't have enough time to eat at the actual dining hall. The dining halls also have lots of fruits and vegetables on display for students to take with them. This also is beneficial for students that are busy and on the go. Having a apple or banana from the dining hall won't replace a meal but can give you a quick source of energy in between meals.,,

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