2006 FCIA Firestop Industry Conference & Trade Show Charleston - November 2006

(L) Lee Jones, Bill McHugh and Barclay Myers
Aedan Gleeson, Gleeson Powers & Bob Hasting, Speciality
Barclay Myers, Tonbridge flanked by Randy Perry & Tory Tebb
Bert Polk, NASFM
Bill & Linda McHugh
Bill McHugh(FCIA) & Allen Rams (Beverly)
Bob Hasting, Mike McClure & Aedan Gleeson
Bob Hasting, Don Murphy, Aedan Gleeson & Bill McHugh
Carol Bradley, Chris & Julie Downey and Tom Hottenroth
Charleston Fire Chief Rusty Thomas & Dan Flynn, Firestoppers
Cynthia Gray, Alvina Hlady, Scott Rankin and Lise Flynn
Dan Flynn (Firestoppers) and Bob Hasting (Specialty Firestop)
Dan Flynn joins Charleston Chief Rusty Thomas
Dave Smith, Boss Products, congratulated by Scott Rankin
Don Murphy and 2006 Board Members
Don Murphy (PPMI) joins Vijay Singh and Sajid Raza (Butler Eng.)
Dennis Hall addresses FCIA about Specifications
Don Murphy welcomes Mike Dominguez, 2007 FCIA president
Don Murphy, 2006 FCIA President
Don Murphy & Aedan Gleeson, FCIA Past President Club
Incoming FCIA Board Aedan Gleeson, Tom Hottenroth &.Scott Rankin
Incoming FCIA Pres. Mike Dominguez (Firestop Specialities
Don Murphy congratulates Outgoing Board Mbr Randy Bosscawen
Don Murphy congratulates Outgoing Board Mbr Aedan Gleeson
Gary & Angela Hamilton (Hamilton Benchmark)
Gary Hamilton welcomes speaker George Mills, JHACO
Houston Jones (Atlantic) & Allen Rams (Beverly)
Houston Jones, Scott Rankin and Tony Gamble
Keith Brebner (Global) with the ladies
Ken and Diane Totherow (Carolina Const.) with Phil Chuy (3M)
Mark Gilchrist (American) joins Carol & Guy Bradley (Hilti)
Michael Sanko, Firestopdirect & Sarah & Jason Finney
Michael Sakno (Firestop Direct) & Dan Ryan (UL)
Mike McClure, Rob & Cynthia Gray, Ian Robertson & Lee Jones
New FCIA Members Jersey Firestop join Boss Products
New FCIA Members Jersey Firestop join Boss Products
Pam & Bruce Richards (Global)
Pres. Don Murphy (PPMI) welcomes FCIA members
Randy Bosscawen (Multicon), Scott Rankin (Pyro-Stop)
Richard Hamilton, Rob Hlady, Mike McClure & Ian Robertson
Rob & Cynthia Gray (National Firestop)
Speakers Randy Bosscawen (Multicon) and Rob Hlady (Affinity)
Sajid Raza, Butler Engineering ask questions
Scott Rankin, Tom Hottenroth, Bob LeClair
Speaker Barry Anderson, (Safecheck)
Speaker Mike Pautsch, (Superl)
Steve McIntyre (Safecheck) presented with 2006 Golf Trophy
Steve Tyler (L-Tremco) and Tony Fontana (R-Premier)
Vijay Singh and Barclay Myers
Tracy Fields, Fire Barrier & Kelvin & Cindy Allen, Rudd Palmer
UL's Betsy Titus answers questions

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