Tsunamis Chad, Luke, Kameron


Have you ever been in or experienced a Tsunami before? Well probably not because if you have you would be dead. Today you will be learning about How Tsunamis form, Tsunami of History, and How to be safe during a Tsunami. After today you will know how to survive a Tsunami.

Causes and Effects

By: Luke

Every tsunami starts out in the deep ocean abyss. Most tsunamis form from an earthquake. Some are caused from a landslide or a volcanic eruption under the ocean surface. When this occurs a point of tension is created. The point of tension pushes up a bump on the surface and gravity pushes it down. These bumps are the tsunamis. While a tsunami is speeding toward the shore it is mostly underwater. So, if you feel a tsunami in the sea you will feel just a little ripple in the water. The mass destruction of a tsunami is devastating, they pick up boats and slam them into the shore. Most people would drown if caught in the wave. Tsunamis travel at speeds of 600mph, so if someone got caught in it not only would he (or she) would be slammed into the side of a building. And just when you think that the danger is over it pulls everything back to the ocean. If you liked that go to the next page it's sure to blow you away.

Tsunamis of history

By: Chad

Do you want to learn about Tsunamis of History… great. From the article “10 Worst Tsunamis”. The #1 all time worst Tsunami was the Asian Tsunami. It had the power of 23,000 atomic bombs (23 Nuclear bombs), it says that the Asian Tsunami moved the earth's surface 2.3 c.m, and reached 14 countries and got up to 1,720 f.t

Now I will tell you about the Japanese Tsunami. In the article “The Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake”. It says that Japanese Tsunami was so bad that they found Nuclear water leaking from the Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. Which caused a level 7 Nuclear meltdown. The damage done by the Tsunami caused 300 billion dollars. Keep reading if you want to know what to do if Tsunami happens……

How to survive a Tsunami


First here are some tips and tricks. Try to get as Far as possible from it it will cause the go more than 25 football and fields. If you go 100 meters in a submarine you will survive. Remember to bring Supplies Like Food Water And Wood (for a fire0 And Pets.next Try TO find a local Bomb Or tornado Shelter It will help you more than just Staying inside.get them away from road because THey have a 92.5 of exploding because Of The Oil. they are caused by other disasters like tornado or an earthquake .now last but not least if you hear rumbling and you are shaking that means either a Tsunami Or an Earthquake. Now is that some good information Now if you are in a tsunami you can be safe and have some information on your side now you know my tips schema and my tricks of knowledge. Thank you for reading and i hope these are some useful tips and trick of how to live And i got all my info from theses places. Tico toco,national geographic,wikihow and USGS.gov.


Now you know How Tsunamis form, Tsunamis of History, and How to stay safe in a Tsunami. Next time you're in a Tsunami you know how to survive and know how it happens. These paragraphs are done by Chad Duchek, Luke Pranger, and Kameron Mcmillan.



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