Avoncroft Flour An adventure in locally milled flour

I was very excited to receive a bag of flour from my wife, milled locally at Avoncroft Museum.
The Windmill at Avoncroft Museum

Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings is an open air museum of rescued buildings that have been carefully relocated to a site near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire. Perhaps the most striking of these is the windmill. The 19th Century mill was rescued from Danzey Green in 1969 and rebuilt at Avoncroft, where it is looked after by volunteers. Recently, the mill has been put to use and has produced some flour.

Avoncroft Museum Flour

The flour milled at Avoncroft is an organically grown stoneground wholemeal flour from a single variety of wheat known as Mulika. Mulika is sometimes known as spring wheat, grown in England. It is disease resistant and has a good growing yield. It's commonly used for bread making. Great thing about the bag of flour is that is has the milled date, which is fascinating and gives an indication of how fresh the flour really is. The flour was wholemeal and as can be seen below, the germ and bran is visible in the grain. I found it to be finely milled, certainly more than some of the organic wholemeals I have used.

Wholemeal Flour

Muesli Sourdough Loaf

Perhaps a little ambitious, but it's a loaf of bread I'd been waiting to make and something deserving of this special flour. Beings it's a sourdough, this is very a slow dough recipe and took several days to complete.

(L-R) The dough; Baked loaf; Crumb

Sesame Sourdough Load

For the other half of the flour, I fancied making a sesame loaf. I love sesame seeds and this bread tastes fantastic either cold or toasted. The dough absorbed a lot of water and I wondered if this fine milled flour helped keep it workable despite the soaked seeds and hydration.

(L-R) Final loaf; Crumb


I have been really impressed by the Avoncroft flour, it's produced great consistent results and has a great taste, I'm hoping I can get some more!

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