A ver Tavira Restaurant A case study on a complete rebrand and breathing life onto a social media account.

- The Challenge -

Sometimes you just come across the perfect conditions to create a fantastic brand, and when you find a restaurant with prime location in a beautiful place that serves unique and delicious food, well.. You really have to make the most of it. How? You make sure the entire brand reflects the quality of the product.

The Goal

To revamp a brand and breathe life into its social media presence bringing it to life so it would reflect the quality of the food and the know-how of the staff.

before ...

... after

The solution (how we got there)

  • a strategy....
  • a schedule....
  • a new presence... - google, facebook, tripadvisor, -
  • photography....
  • video....
  • message....
  • learning from analytics....
  • finetuning.....

Any good revamp requires information, and the best way to start is getting to know the product. So first things first.. lets try out the food, and oh.. it was good. You might be thinking this is just a way an excuse to taste fantastic food but there is a little more to it. How do you promote something without knowing it in depth? The best way is to actually work alongside the client, and that is exactly what we did.

Our approach began with monitoring the existing online presence, reading carefully what the clients had to say, paying attention to the feedback on posts and reviews, and ultimately spending a couple of days on location to really get a feel for the place. The result can be resumed to a single word. Quality. The experience at A ver Tavira is one of quality, not just of the ingredients and the people that work there, but how food becomes a vehicle for art. All of that was present once we are in the restaurant with a fine glass of wine, beautiful views, and a meal that awakes your palate, but... you would struggle to see that on facebook.

Now we had a strategy! The quality of the food has to show before you even visit the restaurant. The strategy became one of educating the client before they come through the door. Step one was to create a schedule of regular posts. We had to start somewhere and the Facebook page required a bit of a fresh face. We began my making sure no information was missing on the page, from the correct contact numbers to the maps location, keywords, page roles, posting times, etc... Simply adding a new facebook header boosted the visits to the page by -- HOW MUCH PERCENT HERE -- We started with 500 likes on the page and after one week we had 200 new followers and several new bookings.

making use of facebooks video header gave the page extra exposure... more likes, more views, more followers...

At this point we had created a google presence one that did not exist before. And the information on tripadvisor was also completely revamped.

Photography was the means to really show off the quality of the food on social media. And the first big test came on Valentines Day. A special dessert was created to promote this event, and the event was a success, the restaurant met the target for bookings and with the aid of the new and improved facebook page calls and bookings via messenger where coming through regularly.

- boosted post results -

Video engagement

Making full use of creative social media mean engaging through video. Video added an extra boost to the presence of the page and returned the fastest conversion into new followers and bookings.

This promotion ran over the course of two weeks both on facebook and instagram.

  • Reach - 20,153
  • Engagement - 4848
  • Link clicks - 4732
  • 15k video views vs 128 for same period on previous year.

Best performing post and Return

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Paulo Moura

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