Installing Rhinoceros 3D

Step 1) Go to BOX.COM and download the appropriate installer for your Operating System.

Step 2) Connect to the Global Protect (If off campus).

Step 3) Run the Installation package to install Rhino.

Step 4) Run Rhino3D from your applications folder. You should receive a license request similar to below. Select I have read and agree to. Once the button is checked you will received the Option link at the bottom left. Click the Options link and select Use the LAN Zoo. Do not enter an email address.

Step 4) When asked, enter the server aplamax.mmd.auburn.edu and select Continue.

Step 5) Once licensed you should see confirmation similar to below. Licensed to APLA Student.

If the connection fails, make sure you are connected to the VPN, check the spelling and try again.


Created with an image by jean wimmerlin - "survivor"