Great Depression roberto

The Great Depression was a long lasting economic downturn in (1929-1939). It began after the stock market crash of October 1929. It sent Wall Street into a panic they lost millions of investors.

by (G.Perera)

This shows the difference between depression and recession when The Great Depression took place in the 1930's and 1940's when people did not have jobs or money.

( 3/20/27

Many people were homeless do to the lack of money people had because they did not have jobs. People then started living in a small town called Hooverville fighting to survive.

achieved from:( 3/20/17

Children started protesting to get there parent's jobs back so they could start making money which was one downturn in the Great Depression.

BY : One Minute Economics

This explains the events that happened in The Great Depression such as the crash in Wall Street.

During the great depression there were some bad people who were famous in the 1900's. Such as John Dillinger and Machine Gun Kelly.


This is John Dillinger one of the most popular bank robbers in the 1900's.

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