You can get as wild, demure, sexy or laid back as you'd like during your boudoir session. Before your session we will meet to talk about lingerie & wardrobe. We'll talk about your personal style & what you'd like to accentuate and what parts maybe you'd like to keep covered. Your lingerie selections should showcase your personality.


At the very least you'll need a few different sets of lingerie for your session. I ask that each client bring a black unlined bra & panty set for the bed poses (push up or padded bras cause gaps). Then you'll need at least 1 Bra, Panty & Garter set. Not comfortable with your stomach? Opt for a Bustier, Torsolette, Basque or Camisole style top and panties. You want at least one set that has garter straps. Next, you can get a little creative. There are tons of sexy options! I love bodysuits, depending on the style they're slimming and accentuate curves and can make your legs look like they go for miles. If you'd like more coverage opt for a form fitting slip dress, garter slip or even sexy shapewear. You'll need at least a pair of sky high black high heels and a pair of nude heels as well. Finish your look with blingy costume jewelry and you're ready for your boudoir session!


  1. Black Unlined Bra & Panty Set
  2. Lingerie Set - Bra, Panty & Garter Belt or Bustier/Basque & Panty Garter set
  3. Bodysuit, Teddy, Garter Slip or Shapewear
  4. Thigh High Stockings (stay ups & regular)
  5. Nude & Black Pumps/Heels (higher the better!)
  6. Costume Jewelry

1 - black unlined bra

The black unlined bra is lacy & is a demi cup, balconette cup or quarter cup bra. The reason you need unlined is they don't leave gaps when you lay on your back. Pair with a matching black thong or tanga for sexy booty shots! If you don't love your stomach opt for a high waist thong or brief that matches or pair with a garter belt.
Your second set should include either a garter belt or garter slip. This can be unlined or push up. If you're trying to hide your tummy opt for a garter belt or slip with more coverage. Pair with thigh highs (avoid stay ups or ones with silicone around the top) & black pumps

3 - bodysuit/teddy/garter slip

Bodysuits and garter slips are best for covering up your stomach and accentuating curves. You can opt for a more sheer sexy bodysuit or teddy or go tamer with more coverage. For larger busts look for bodysuits and slips with underwire cups. the higher the cut at the waist the longer your legs will look. If you don't love your thighs opt for a longer garter slip & pair with thigh highs.

4 - thigh highs

Always include a pair of thigh highs! You can get them with a simple top or a lace top. Look for the ones that require a garter belt, not stay ups or ones with silicone (those leave a muffin top on your thigh). If you have thicker thighs go for the XL/Plus thigh highs.

5 - black & nude pumps/heels

The higher the better! You don't need fancy shoes, you can find nice black 4 inch heels on clearance just about anywhere. If you're short or want to appear taller avoid ankle straps and wear nude heels. If you're leggy or tall you can wear strappy heels or sandals.

6 - costume jewelry

either go super bold or go super delicate. Your jewelry is not the main feature of your session, so you don't need to worry about finding the perfect jewelry to finish your lingerie set. Keep it simple, most clients wear a small delicate single charm necklace that hits at their collarbone. If you want to do a more dramatic, fashion inspired look get a big, fun statement necklace.
Stick to stud earrings since you're often laying on your back. You can find inexpensive faux diamond studs at any department store.


You have your basics down, now here's your chance to add some fun & creative extras to your boudoir lingerie. I'm going to share tips on how to minimize & flaunt certain areas & give you options if you want a more fashion forward session. I will give you tips & tricks on how to choose lingerie for your body & personal style.

I want to hide my middle!

90% of my clients say that their least desired body part is their tummy. If you want to hide your middle there are a ton of options when it comes to what bottoms you pick. Look for high waisted thongs or briefs, shaping thongs & garter belts with more coverage if you still want to pair your bottoms with a sexy bra. You can find high waisted bottoms from sizes xs-5x and from everything from super sheer to opaque shaping.

If you're looking for a bit more coverage, bodysuits & garter slips are best. They hug your curves and give you definition and smooth out your shape. As with all lingerie, you can go as sheer or as opaque as you feel comfortable. For those that just have a tiny post baby tummy that just wont go away, you can wear more sheer and lace options. If you're looking to completely cover your stomach look for the more solid colors/opaque bodysuits, shapewear & garter slips.

Resist the urge to buy a babydoll. I don't shoot them. Do not bring one to your session, you'd be wasting your money. They do absolutely nothing to flatter your body or your shape and they almost always make you look bigger than you are. Your boobs looks terrible in them. Can you tell I don't like them?! If you want to make your stomach look smaller wear something that will define your waist, not be a tent surrounding it. Alright, I've given you fair warning so I'm stepping off my soapbox ;)

Do not under any circumstances show up to your session with a babydoll!

Need help picking your lingerie? Visit my Pinterest boards for direct links to what to buy. Don't forget you can always text or email me screen shots, photos or links of what you're thinking of buying & I offer private shopping trips if needed.

Small Bust

You may think being a part of the itty bitty titty committee stinks but you can get away with more sexy lingerie than most women can! So many of my clients with no boobs want all push up bras, here's your chance to embrace your small boobs & show how sexy they can be!

what to buy

Look for triangle bras, bodysuits with deep V fronts and bodysuits with no underwire to embrace your cup size :)

Another bonus? Lingerie & Bras are generally a lot cheaper for you. You can shop cheaper Chinese made lingerie sites like Yandy, Boohoo, Tobi & Forever 21 for bras & lingerie that are sized by S/M/L & not by cup sizes.

Curvy Gals

Curvy gals, I got you! As a curvy gal myself I love shooting curvy clients and encouraging them on the path to body positivity, self love and confidence. You can embrace your curves or minimize them, whichever you are most comfortable with! Most curvy clients opt for high waisted briefs or thongs and a sexy bra, a bodysuit and a gartered slip.

What you wear during your session is all about your comfort level, what you want to accentuate or minimize. If you love your belly and curves please wear a sexy bra & panty set. If you aren't totally in love with your belly high waisted briefs are your new BFF! it gives you a chance to wear a super sexy bra but cover your middle. For curvier clients I encourage purchasing lingerie with cups, they can be cup sized (38D) or just sized (L, XL, 1X, 2X etc). Despite what you may think, it's better to get curve hugging lingerie. Bodysuits, shapers & tight fitting garter slips all accentuate your curves.

what not to buy

My tip on what to avoid for curvier clients is anything that makes you look bigger than you actually are, like chemises, slips and babydolls. The other is corsets. Unless they are handmade specifically for you they also don't do you any favors and those are at least $300+. The cheap ones from Adam & Eve will do nothing for you so don't waste your money!

where to shop

I love ASOS, SimpleBe, Journelle & Yandy for plus size lingerie. Lingerie designers have finally gotten the memo and some seriously sexy lingerie is being designed for plus size or curvy women.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about what to wear or need more guidance I do offer personal shopping as an add on to your boudoir session. Also, don't hesitate to text or email me photos of what you're thinking of buying if you're unsure and ALWAYS try everything on a few weeks before your session so you know if you have to return anything.

get sized!

If you have not been sized for a bra in the past year or so, especially if your weight has fluctuated at all please go get sized and do not go to Victoria's Secret for it! Go to Nordstroms, Belk, or IC London.

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