Africa: Past and Present Part 1 and 2 made by Rodney smothers and dominic demaree

Land Use

This is how Africa uses most of their land for

The main way they use the land is subsistence farming. It cause people to not have money to buy things. Subsistence farming provides for you and your family and commercial farming is done for profits.

Natural Resources

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has gold.

GDP Per Capita

The five nations with the highest GDP per capita that are in Africa is:Mauritius $12,800; South Africa $11,100; Botswana $9,200; Seychelles $7,800; Namibia $7,300. The reasons that those 5 are: they might have more natural resources, trade more, Better education, highly skilled workforce, better education, better transportation, or better healthcare. Those are some reasons why those 5 have higher GDP per capita.

Life Expectiancy

Out of 31 countries with really low life expectancy 28 are from Africa. There are many reasons why but the main one is HIV/AIDS. Out of 1.1 million people who die from AIDS, 770,000 are from Africa.

Created By
Rodney Smothers


Created with images by Aboeka - "lions zoo animal" • Oxfam East Africa - "Mobilising the community" • sunshinecity - "untitled image" • ResoluteSupportMedia - "110521-F-QG390-287"

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