Guns are Fun? Everyone loves a good gun, but are they safe enough f0r everyone? some people think differently

The United States has been known for having lots of gun loving citizens. Some good, and some bad. The National Rifle Association has been around for a while now. Most people love their guns.

Hunting is a sport that uses guns. People love hunting. Hunting has been around forever pretty much, that's how humans sourced their food. Do you really wanna take that away from people?

An article by CNN tells about how schools should allow at least one person who is trained to be armed at all times. It would make the school a lot safer. "In 1997, high school student Luke Woodham stabbed his mother to death and then drove to Pearl High School in Pearl, Mississippi, and shot and killed two people. He then got back in his car to drive to Pearl Junior High to continue his killings, but Joel Myrick, the assistant principal, ran to his truck and grabbed his pistol, aimed it at Woodham and made him surrender."

Stories like these make the anti-gun laws seem so dumb. If someone was armed and trained professionally Columbine wouldn't have been such a tragedy as it was.

Maybe we should stop blaming the guns themselves and start blaming the people holding them. If a school has armed security guards, no one would attempt to cause any harm to that school.

The article also states, "These murderers, while deranged and deeply disturbed, are not dumb. They shoot up schools, universities, malls and public places where their victims cannot shoot back. Perhaps "gun-free zones" would be better named "defenseless victim zones."

It's true the government is making it's people defenseless. We should all have the right to own our own firearms. It's our right as Americans because it is in the second amendment that citizens have the right to bare arms.

Our kids should learn gun safety. They should know not to be afraid of a gun and know it's dangers and benefits, not just the fact that it's a scary weapon that can kill people.

'Bowling For Columbine' was such a stupid movie by Michael Moore. It talks about how this country needs more gun control. It tries to inform people of only the dangers of guns. He tries to make it so that if you own a gun people think that you are evil.

So yes I believe guns are fun and that everyone has a right to own a firearm. It's up to the people to choose what they are going to do with them. I believe the country would be a lot safer if everyone had their own gun.


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