Builders of Brunello CASTELLO BANFI

Montalcino: the Territory

Perched high in the hills of Tuscany, we find Montalcino. At just over 60,000 acres of hillsides and valleys, Montalcino is richly diverse in landscape, elevations, and soil types. While the territory enjoys numerous microclimates, an overall temperate climate allows for grapes to ripen fully. Yet only a portion of Montalcino is dedicated to vine, with the rest remaining distinctively lush with forest and olive groves. It’s a region that prides itself on quality, exemplifying the concept of terroir; Montalcino truly is “a territory made for wine.*”

Fitting then, that it is where the notoriously finicky Sangiovese finds its spiritual home. Perhaps no other region/varietal combination can better make the case for terroir: the quality is such that Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino wines are regulated to be 100% Sangiovese, produced and bottled within the Montalcino territory. Here in Montalcino, Sangiovese shines.

Its history of winemaking dates back to the Etruscan age, yet, it was the pioneering spirit of two American brothers, John and Harry Mariani of Banfi that sparked the renaissance that propelled Brunello di Montalcino to its rightful place on the world stage. In fact, Brunello was the first red wine to gain DOCG status in 1980. Decades of research, shared with other Montalcino producers in search of the optimal selection of clones for consistently outstanding Brunello di Montalcino ...there is no question that Brunello is the heart of Castello Banfi.

Castello Banfi: The Brunello Collection

Research, innovation, work in the vineyards and an unwavering commitment to excellence allows for the cultivation of multiple expressions of Brunello di Montalcino – from our classic Brunello, soft and elegant, to our Poggio alle Mura “house style” - a blend of power and finesse, to our single vineyard Riserva –a consummate expression of terroir. The entire collection is fermented in our patented Horizon hybrid fermenters of stainless steel and French oak.


Aging Requirements: 5 years in total; 2 in oak and at least 6 months in bottle prior to release

POGGIO All’ORO BRUNELLO di MONTALCINO DOCG RISERVA“Hill of Gold,” a single vineyard selected for its exceptional microclimate. Near perfect conditions of climate, soil, exposure and elevation. Depth, character and remarkable aging potential - Brunello achieves greatness here. 30% in barriques, 70% French oak casks for 30 months and 12-18 months bottle aging prior to release. Only produced in exceptional vintages, approximately 120cs imported.

POGGIO ALLE MURA RISERVA Estate select clones from vineyards that immediately surround the castle. 24 months in French oak (60% barriques, 40% oak casks) ultimately showcasing a signature style of elegance, power and finesse. Only produced in exceptional vintages, approximately 100cs imported.

BRUNELLO di MONTALCINO, DOCG Normale Aging Requirements: 4 years in total; 2 in oak and at least 4 months in bottle prior to release. Minimum 12.5% alcohol. Typically brilliant in color, red fruit, an unmistakable earthy element, grippy tannins and a hallmark aging potential.

BRUNELLO di MONTALCINO CASTELLO BANFI flagship. Meticulous grape selection entirely from estate vineyards, over 720ft above sea level. 24 months in French oak, (80% oak casks, 20% barrique), 8-12 months in bottle. Elegant red fruit, soft vanilla and violets, beautiful structure. Approximately 6k cs imported.

POGGIO ALLE MURA BRUNELLO di MONTALCINO Named for the majestic hilltop castle, the grapes come from dedicated vineyards that crown the estate. 24 months in French oak, (60% barrique, 40% oak casks) 12 months in the bottle. Approximately 200 cs imported.


Produced and bottled in Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino is often considered a younger sibling to Brunello, similar characteristics of intensity, yet meant to be enjoyed sooner. Minimum 12% alcohol and 1 year aging, no wood or bottle requirements.

ROSSO di MONTALCINO A classic expression of Sangiovese that abounds with freshness. 12 months French oak, (40% barrique, 60% oak casks) Approximately 5,500cs imported.

POGGIO ALLE MURA ROSSO di MONTALCINO A Rosso of great elegance coming from the prestigious vineyards surrounding the castle. 12 months French oak, (50% barrique, 50% oak casks). Approximately 110cs imported.


Our family vineyard estate is globally recognized for environmental, social, and ethical responsibility (ISO 14001 and SA8000) as well as a leader in customer satisfaction (ISO 9001: 2000). What is it that makes our vineyard so special? Castello Banfi maintains one of the highest ratios of forest to cultivated land among European wine estates. Only one third is planted to vine while the balance of the land is dense with olive groves, plum trees and woods.

Beyond harvesting grapes for world-class wines, Castello Banfi harvests plums, produces olive oil, balsamic and wheat for organic pasta.

Pioneering has always been part of our DNA while research and an emphasis on sustainability continually drives what we do. From vineyard and clonal research, to our signature process of seasoning and toasting our oak, to our innovative horizon project in the winery, Castello Banfi is relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

*Consorzio, Brunello di Montalcino