Zoom & Tech For ONLINE Drawing and Painting workshops and critiques

How Does an Online Workshop Work?

The online workshop is a gathering where I am there the whole time, and so is every participant. We are each set up at home, comfortable in our own art space. I will teach you in real-time, demonstrating with a close-up view, and guide you through your paintings with easy-to-see critiques. You can ask questions when they come up, just like in class. Participants also receive the lectures after class so you can rewatch them to deepen your understanding. It's amazing!

Zoom, A Computer/Tablet, & Pictures

(Most of the technical stuff is on my end, not yours. Read below to learn more.)

Zoom is a live video chat. You'll need to download it onto your computer- just the free version- from www.zoom.us. (It is also an app in your app store if you are using a tablet.) Please try it out before class with someone to get familiar with it. I can also be available to do a walk-through of it the day before, just email me if this is something you'd prefer. It's really pretty easy after fiddling around a bit.

A Computer/tablet: I'm going to be giving live demonstrations, with one of my cameras situated so you can see better/closer than you could be in person. I'm also going to be sharing my laptop screen to show you images/slide shows. Most of the tough tech stuff is on my end, but you will want to have your computer/laptop/tablet set up right there with so you can comfortably watch your screen when the time comes. (You may want it at a desk with a chair, as some of the lectures will be 20 minutes or more.)

You'll need to see me, I'll need to see you: While everyone's painting, make sure you're within ear shot, and that I can kind of see you while you're working. You can just turn your computer/tablet facing your easel area, side view is fine. This part isn't so important, because that's not how I'll critique you. And don't worry, I won't be watching you hardly at all unless I need to, like to check your measuring technique and to make sure you are standing back. It doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure you can easily hear me and know when to come back for a critique or a lecture.

Pictures for Critique: If you have a smart phone, excellent. (Any camera will do, but a smartphone can send me the image quickly and easily.) Just before it's your turn to be critiqued, you'll take a photo of your painting and a photo of your palette, and send them to me in an email. I'll pull them up on my computer, share my screen with you so you can see them as I see them, and give you a critique. This has been working so well, it's amazing what we can do working remotely! I'll explain more about this to everyone at the beginning of the workshop- just make sure you can take a photo and be able to send it to me.

Internet Connection: Everyone I've worked with hasn't had any issues, however, there is a solution if you have terrible wifi internet where you are. You just need an ethernet cable and an adapter to connect your computer directly into the internet. Specifically, it's one of these ethernet cables and this adapter for a newer macbook pro. Most people are fine, but this is answer if you expect issues.

That's basically it! The entire workshop is live, meaning nothing is pre-recorded. Everyone will be painting together, and it's really quite nice. We'll get into a good flow on the first day, and it quickly becomes natural. You even get your critiques instantly emailed back to you so you can easily see what to correct.

An example critique image from the still life workshop. I critique live so you hear and see me draw the red edits as we go over your work together.
An example of how we work with color mixing. It's so helpful because we can point out the locations and I can tell you which colors to mix to get there.
A student work (left) done during my online 10-day still life painting workshop.
Aside from the workshops, I can also critique your personal projects throughout the year on Patreon. Any level, any project! Sign up at www.patreon.com/christinagracemastrangelo
An example from a private critique. Here's what we see on the screen - it's a live critique so any questions you have get answered.
This is a student's work-in-progress from my 10-day still life painting workshop. It was done ALL ONLINE. There is so much we can do together. I hope you'll join me!

Click here for my current teaching schedule.

Let's get painting again, in a supportive and information-packed class. I look forward to working with you!

Sincerely, Christina