The One Thing By: Marci Lyn Curtis

What is the name of your book? The One Thing

What do you think the book will be about, judging from its cover and title? I think the book will be about a certain thing that has special meaning to the main character that helps develop the story of how the blind girl gets her vision back.

What do you already know about this topic? When it comes to a person's experience being unable to see, I really don't exactly know what happens, how you feel, or how you're treated with this type of disability.

What have you personally experienced or observed about this topic? I have experienced different things to know how it feels to be unable to see, for example when I play hide and seek. I usually play it where the seeker has a blindfold over their eyes and they have to use their other senses other than sight. When I went through this I felt how blind people feel when they can only use hearing, tasting, smelling and touching.

List words or phrases that you think will be important to the book. Rebellious, rehabilitation, dreams, whole world is turned upside down, incredibly she can see again, only one person: Ben, possibilities, and love.

Write one sentence that you think summarizes what the book will be about. Just because you struggle in something other people have, doesn't mean everything that you love and care for should be forgotten about, instead embrace it even more.

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Rose Falletta

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