Martial arts club By daniel gomez

Welcome to the Sanger high school martial arts club

Do you like martial arts? Or have you ever thought of doing martial arts? Come join us in room 1302 where we lead basic skills into awsome skills.

Follow these three simple rules

  1. Have fun
  2. Meet new people
  3. And fight on

Once you enter this club you will have the best time ever learn new skills such as self defense and the will to keep on fighting we have three main leaders that will train you till your the best. Ger Allen,Chris Moua,William vang, Thomas Xiong. Those names are the names of our fine generales who teach us self defance. But at the same time have fun and martial arts also reliefs stress.

A club is not a club without members, members are the reason why we have a club come join us and become the next mix martial arts master and just karate on. Also you can help your health we don't just do martial arts we work on health and on your special skill

Logos- you will learn self defense. Pathos-feel good at the end of the day. Ethos- Sanger high martial arts club. This goes out to Sanger high students who want to learn self defense

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