How to Build a Warren Truss Bridge Meredith Siebers


215 Popsicle Sticks

School Glue

Paper Clips

Rubber Bands

2 Tissue Boxes


*Use paper clips or rubber bands any time you feel you need them, or if something won't stay.


1. Gather all of the materials and spread the newspaper out on the table. This will be used just so glue doesn't get on the table.


1. Get out 20 popsicle sticks. Start with two sticks parallel to each other (thin sides facing up and down) and glue a third stick in between them about 1 inch deep. This will be the starting point.

2. Next, we will be adding the 17 other sticks to the "sandwich" you just created. On the opposite end of the middle stick, glue two sticks parallel to each other about an inch deep, one on each side of the stick.

3. Then, glue a stick in between the two sticks you have just glued.

4. Repeat this process until your base is 30 inches long, or you have used 16 of the sticks.

5. You should have 4 sticks left. In the middle of each of the two parallel sticks, there is one single stick. Glue another stick on top of the single stick evenly. There will be space in the middle of the two sticks. You may need to use paper clips to hold the sticks together while they are drying.

6. Create another base using steps 1-5. Also, add paper clips to hold each of the sticks together, otherwise it may be hard to get them to dry in place.

7. You should end up with two bases. Let them dry for at least 6 hours


1. Take one of the bases and lay it horizontally on the workspace so that the space in the middle of the sticks is facing up.

2. Start at one end of the base and glue a stick going at a 45 degree angle inwards. This should be stuck in the middle of two of the outer sticks.

3. Next, create a triangle connecting the 45 degree angle with the base again. Glue the sticks together at the top, and either on the inside or outside of the base, depending on where it falls. You will probably need paper clips to hold these together.

4. Keep doing this until both bases have triangles extending over the length of the base

5. At the peak of the triangles you just created, connect them with another stick.

6. You have created the two sides of the bridge now. Let them dry overnight.

Top and Bottom

1. Get out 2 tissue boxes. Stand your two sides horizontally and parallel to each other. Place the tissue boxes in between the two sides. Put a rubber band going all the way around the middle of the tissue boxes and the outside of the sides to hold them up.

2. Now we will create Xs on the top and bottom of the sides. Start with the top. Glue sticks going diagonally across the top of the bridge at a twenty degree angle. See picture for clarification. Place them 2-4 inches apart.

3. Now glue sticks going in the opposite direction to create Xs. You will have to remove the rubber bands when they get in the way. Make sure all the Xs are connected because this will make it stronger. For example, cross the first stick in the middle and connect it with the bottom of the stick beside it. Next, connect the top of the stick you were just using with the bottom of the stick that is two sticks away. It should be touching 3 sticks. Definetly tie rubber bands around the ends of the sticks to hold them in place, this will avoid possible difficulties.

4. Let this dry for 2 hours, then remove the tissue boxes and do the same thing on the bottom.


1. Get out 22 sticks lay 11 sticks side by side on the table. Spread glue over the top of all the sticks.

2. Place the other eleven sticks of top of the glued sticks going in the opposite direction.

3. Do the same thing with 22 more sticks so you end up with two supports.

4. Let them dry for 4 hours.

Putting It Together

1. Glue both ends of the bridge to either base. You may need to use rubber bands and paper clips to help hold it together.

2. Let this dry 4 hours. Congratulations! You are done!

You may need to add extra sticks to make the bridge stick to the support.

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