The Technological Revolution By David amram

Part 1: The Industrial Revolution


Britain had immense wealth that was invested into cities and factories. Britian also had many recourses

A strong economy meant wealthy people were willing to invest in business/ jobs

A population boom during the 1600's meant there were alot of people ready to work.

An agricultural revolution made growing crops easier, and killed many jobs, leaving many ready for work

Technological Revolution

Factories were created, streamlining the manufacturing process

Machines were created for the factories to streamline the process.

Advances in medicine were invented, enabling treatment of previously untreatable illnesses, as well as creating longer lifespans.

The invention of the steam locomotive was arguably the hallmark of the indusial revolution. It combined the steam engine, with iron rails, enabling the easier transport of goods.

Positive and Negative Effects

The industrial revolution had many positive effects, it increased the number of people who had education, it created effeciency in the manufacturing process, and it created thousands of jobs.

Positive Effects

However, it also had its drawbacks, such as an increase child labor, pollution, dangerous work conditions, and disease was rampant.

Negative Effects
Part 2: The Digital Revolution


The invention of smartphones was a major turning point in society and one of the main causes of the digital revolution

In the late 90's into the twenty first century, as computers became smaller and less expensive, more and more people bought them, this led to a world where the great majority of people have some type of computing device.

With computers getting smaller and less expensive, so did phones, and with the introduction of affordable wearble tech, more and more people have the ability to use the web and be interconnected.

One of earths most important issues is climate change, and to combat this, we have had to innovate and create. While this does not directly correlate to the internet, it is modern technology at its finest.

Smartphones in modern society are mini computers that can call, surf the web, make calls and texts, watch videos, and much more.

Self driving/ Electric vehicles are very new, and not very practical. They are efficient and safe, but their high cost, low practicality, and low availability has held them back.

4k resolution is the first major revolution in in screen resolution since HD, over the last few years it has been gaining momentum as the average price of products with this technology decreases, and the availability of them increases

Since its invention in 1961, the computer chip has been constantly evolving. They are in our cars, our phones, and our weapons even.

Positive and Negative Effects

Some of the positives technology has in our era are that it makes life easier with developments on the internet, we are living healthier and longer due to medicine developments, and we are starting to depend less on fossil fuels, which is great for the environment.

Positive Effects

Some negatives of tech nowadays are an increase of obesity due to how easy life is, the increase of renewable energy is bad for the oil and coal industries, and negative health effects due to pollution.

Negative Effects
Part 3: The Future: Innovation in Transportation


As time goes on, humans will constantly be evolving technology, and this will be fueled by scientists.

War will be a major driver of innovation, as it is almost certain that there will be continued warfare. For example, technology to conceal aircraft from radar, or easily "cloak" ground artillery from the enemy.

Increasing natural disasters/extreme weather will be a major factor in the technology we develop in the future. For example in an effort to avert a climate crisis, we may develop more eco-friendly forms of transportation.

Technological Revolution

Developments in aircraft, such as carrying more people, being more fuel efficient, and go faster.

In the not so near future, teleportation may be something that we can develop, and use on a widespread, common basis.

Self driving and electric cars are already a thing, however as time goes on they will become more practical, and more common than they are now.

Positives and Negatives

Some of the positive effects future revolution in transportation could have are that we could have a more interconnected world, leading to world peace, we could go more places quickly, and we can expand the population outside of earth.

Positive Effects

Some Negatives of revolution in transportation are war, due to conflicts in colonizing outer space, irreversible climate change, an unhealthy over reliance on technology, and a cyber war.

Negative Effects

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