Winter Wonderland by Louis, Noah, trevor, Derrick

The goal of Winter Wonderland is simple. To have as much fun as possible! You can choose to stand aside and not participate, but you will most definitely be missing out.
One of the activities is snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is a very fun activity and is enjoyable by many. In snowshoeing, you strap a tennis racket like object to your feet that allow you to walk on the snow without falling through.
Snow football is exactly like normal football, except without pads and is in the snow. The game is played the same way with the same rules. The snow acts as a soft padding so when you get tackled it doesn’t hurt and you won’t be injured.
Another activity is downhill sled races. You get a couple of friends and start at the top of the hill and sled down. First one to the bottom wins!
The fourth activity is an igloo building contest. In this activity you are separated into groups of four or five, and you are given 2 hours to build the best igloo you can. The igloos are then graded by chosen judges. The group with the highest score wins.
The last and, in my opinion, the most fun activity is a giant snowball fight. Groups of ten to twenty students and/or teachers face off against each other on a field. If you are hit by a snowball, you are out. The winner is the first team to eliminate the entire enemy team.

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