The November Dig Meeting | Plan View | Record Level Form

KVAHC Meeting:

FPAN and FCO join forces: Site Monitoring in Aquatic Preserves By: Jeff Moates

Florida Public Archaeology Network...

  • FPAN: promote and facilitate the stewardship public appreciation and value of Florida.
  • Assiociated with many universities such as: USF, FAU, UWF, and FCO. (Where they receive their budget).
  • There are 8 regions in total divided throughout the state of Florida.
  • Education— understanding, understanding— appreciation, appreciation— preservation.
  • The result from the previous information brings an estimated total of 6 billion dollars to Florida which then creates about 100,000 jobs.
  • 41 aquatic locations (in total).
  • We manage 2 out of the 41 (big bend seagrauses, St. Martins Marsh), totaling to about 4 million acres.
  • The Monitoring program consists of mapping, background research, fieldwork, etc.
A few more images of the meeting.

Photos of the Dig...

In these photos, us Archaeology students demonstrate particular techniques as to how we best approach hidden artifacts. In the first image, I am utilizing this certain technique with a ladle which is then used for revealing a potential feature. In the third image, I am getting a soil sample of the wall cleanup to then be placed inside a baggie for further information on TU8.

Photos of Finding the Artifacts...

Artifact Baggies...

Our end product of the November Dig.

Features in TU8...

Mapping the Wall...

Mapping the wall of TU8 is an indicator of how the ramp came to be.

Feature Forms...

The Plan View of all three features.

Record Level Forms...



  • Hilary Cajuste
  • Sam Cantine
  • Siyona Cremeans
  • Ashley Gamez
  • Gabrielle Garcia
  • Isaac Hernandez
  • Misty Maxwell
  • Josue Perez
  • Alexandra Vega

Visitors and Adults...

  • Mr. Gordon Davis
  • Dr. Butler
  • Carl
  • Anita
  • Mrs. Rita
  • Mrs. Rita's son

Reflection of the Dig...

Each enrichment day of the month, the Archaeology students (me included) gets the privilege of going down to the Blueberry Site to continue progressing in TU8. Each dig has a different outcome every time. Keeping that in mind, I also learn something new during each and every dig. This time, I learned the importance of wall mapping: it determines why and how TU8 came to be. Whether it was manipulation by man or the occurrence of nature itself. Being a part of a team, such as the archaeology one is always a great experience. I look forward to our next dig.


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