The Nectar of Naples Dec 2-9, 2017 - The Seed Within - Myth of Yeshua Lucis

Following Zen Awakening...

Peter Fae and I stayed upon the land to prepare the Mythica, a spell of bright media to help the people Awaken. In the confluence with Peter there is more luminance in which to see the ideas of the Mythica blooming forth, of the From the Quest series and my story the Seed Within. It is a time of deeply connecting with the land, and divining the steps to come.

I am presented with conditions that I do not favor, and actively shift my vibration through connecting with the land in the deva yoga, the life-visioning, and manifestor consciousness. I open to recieve what the divine wants to happen through me, and work through the vibrational blockages that I perceive creating my circumstance.

We recieve invitation from Allowah to come to Naples for a plant medicine ceremony, who Peter had encountered in Bali. We make intention to join, feeling the flushness and opportunity in the field. While applying the practices to clear, we soon recieve the money we need and find a place to rent a car, the ideas occurring in synchrony.

We arrive to the rental place to find all the cars are rented out. Our ride wants to leave. Both of us tune into our inner compass for guidance, deciding to wait it out to see if something opens. It is unclear as to whether our money card will work. I go out to the land and clear, applying forgiveness to the area of tension I trace as related to abundance. As it clears in synchrony Peter comes out to inform us that a car had opened up in that moment and the card went through.

We rejoice as we continue on the path with the car that will bring us to the next phase of the journey.
This is evidence of the Physics of the Quest, that we can transform our reality by shifting our vibration..
We return to the land to pack up our things and continue on to Naples. There is a sense of revelry and adventure in the air as we travel towards the ceremony of plant medicine.

Arriving to Naples

We are greeted by the warm kiss of the land and ocean air, and find our way to a sanctuary where greenery and vines wrap round pillars. We are welcomed in and are embraced by the steward of the land and another brother on the path. The air is filled with a warm, sweet aura of cleanliness and vitality.

We share our godly quest with them, to help humanity awaken through a new form of media and yoga. The is resonance and alignment between our parties immediately, as we share the good word. The others joining for the ceremony arrive shortly thereafter.

Allowah arrives to fulfill his sacred task as medicine man, to hold space for the healing of the people. He occurs for me is a cultivate of the yogas, assisting the people in their bright metamorphosis.

In reverence and prayer, we take in the sacred plant medicine, sharing our invocations for healing and deeper embodiment of our true selves, to release that which no longer serves. The conscious spirits of Gaia are here to help us in our evolution. When communed with in right relationship, she facilitates healing by clearing of the disharmonies in the self and bestows visions, revelations and insights.

A shared song emerges through us of expansion and grace...my voice comes forth in a cultivation gathered up into a moment of intense release and expression of Truth.

[Music from the Quest coming soon...]

We all experience releases and healings. I perceive a larger pattern work of our collective unfoldment and shared Awakening. We are all coming back to the Mother Earth, redeeming our portion of the distortion for the whole.

Ceremony is had in a sanctuary nestled in a garden oasis, a beautiful realm sign, that we have shifted into the brightlands, full of fellowship, healing, expansion and grace.
God is Good - we live in a friendly universe and are supported in on the path
We follow Allowah to the yoga studio where he teaches the Yoga Quest training, helping the people step into a higher level of proficiency in the Yogas and to certify them in the teaching of such sacred acts of transformation.

Through our connection with Allowah we are offered sanctuary in Naples, thanks to his alliance and generosity. We are near the beach, in a land of warmth, sunshine and lush greenery. The feeling of beauty and nectar fills the air. We are receiving true support and recognition from the community.

At the sanctuary an intense blockage arises in my neck, overwhelming me with sharp shooting pain. Peter comes to my aid, wielding his masterful healing ability to help clear it. A few rounds of vibrational clearing go by as I forgive the distortion that has been my portion for so long, required to be processed so that I may be in the flushness of my power of voice.

We are recommended a raw food place called Organically Twisted by our new ally flush in the powers of earth, heading the value of his attainment of vitality we make our way there...

Peter shared with me illustration of the realms, the subtle energetic landscape of myth and meaning that lay beneath the surface of our path in the heroic journey back to heaven on earth.

There we encountered an earth fairy Megan, who held crystals and communed with the land. She too knew of the Awakening, and our shared journey to brighter worlds.

Upon the morning I make my way to the sea, to bask in her infinite purity. I call upon the powers within me, to connect with Nature, to release what no longer serves me.
We are given word of a place called Food and Thought by Megan, and make our way their, intending to work on the Mythica and enjoy more the goodness of nature.

I find more of the raw food appearing on the path as sign that we are moving into those realms made more of that arrangement of purity and health. It is a relief, to be here at this point in the Quest with Peter, for it is a showing of the results of techniques such as clearing, deva yoga and life visioning.

Later in the night I encounter Bryan and Shelby. As I walked and saw them I felt a resonance in the field, and made my way to the table. There we shared further confirmation of the journey back to heaven on earth, as they too shared the experience of the Awakening. I speak of the alchemy of relationship, that we each hold an intrinsic piece to the puzzle of each others unfoldment and evolution...Peter shares healing with Shelby, helping her to step into her true voice.

Upon the morrow I encounter Alva, an avatar of breath work, teaching the people to heal through the connection to their own breath. On the table lay a book called “Ask and You Shall Recieve”. We have a deep sharing and expansion, in which we share the tone of self love and share the connection with the medicines of nature to heal.

Peter shares that he and Shelby are going to the beach to watch the sun set, upon which we join them. We find ourselves upon the brinks of the water, walking with the dawn of a day filled with vitality and grace.

Sun sets and voices true, invoking love and surrender to the tides. Out to the horizons and beyond lay our gaze, as the sun’s rays part on another day.

Together we weave our magicks. Invoking love and flowing with the energies of the ocean with devotion.

Shelby arises from the water, glistening in the sunlight, feeling the purification of the ocean. Our voices sings together, easily falling into resonance. Together upon the shores we share a mytho-poetic reality of God’s perfection.

Dance, Story and Song is had upon the nightfall, my powers coming to fore of expression after all this time of inward work to clear and reveal my truth and purpose, the seed within me.

Upon the next day we are given passage to the library, where we connect with the Deva, the spirit of nature.

Everything appears one way on the surface, yet beneath lay the legend. We are here at the temple of story to prepare to deliver the redeemed medium of publishing that is the Mythica, to help us Awaken to more aligned version of reality.

Here we feel the power of Story...

Combining our powers, we work to build out what we can with the slow internet, embracing the opportunity to review and organize the content for the upcoming launch.

I call a cab for us following intuition to go to another place of vital foods that serves the Açaí referred by Megan the earth fairy. There we are recharged by the purity and vitality of the foods and the work continues. I am filled with gratitude.

We are moving back towards the Mother Earth, back to our roots, the diet shifts are all indicative of our desire to drink closer to the source...

We make our way to ceremony once again...

That night we make our way to another plant medicine ceremony, with further intention to clear out within that lay in the way of victory. Victory defined as this: being aligned with Nature, which invitably leads to the abundance that our heart’s desire.

Allowah fulfills his bright role once again in facilitating this gathering of healing and expansion. I am met by those of bright music. Peter’s harp and hang drum sound with angelic tone, Allowah shares his guitar playing and voice in full melody. As I deepen awareness with the medicine I have more access to the powers of my Yeshua aspect of embodiment. I chant “As One,” and we rise into shared song, my lyric and melody weave together a song of our shared awakening and inherent unity.

[Music from the Quest coming soon...]

A deep healing is had, where I feel us share a collective consciousness. As a shared energy arises to be processed, Peter steps into his bright role in facilitating a collective forgiveness healing, expressing that we are clearing the vibration, bringing release and balm to that which is within our self that we share. Yet again, we are each healing our portion of a larger collective distortion, the lesson relative to the right use of power and understanding that there is no separation.

The next day Peter and I make our way to Food and Thought were we align with further expansion with the Mythica project, continuing preparations for the launch. There he shares some of his magickal witnessings from his story, the Journey Home. Shelby shows up once again in synchronicity and I share some of my story and prose with her.

She wishes to share her voice at the Kunjani, and we make our way there. Here I see the signs...

Realm Signs on the path

It was relative to my interpretation, my divination, that I am on a path of discovering and sharing the miracles of life, and am stepping into my lion aspect, that of virtue and being in my power, with courage and determination, fierce but gentle.

Feeling the draw to a more resonant atmosphere, we make our way to Organically Twisted.

This atmosphere and lifestyle of raw food is an affirmation of the continued support from the universe on the path, and a manifestation of Life-Visioning that Peter and I have shared.

Evidence of the Rules of the Road - that God is Good and we live in a friendly and supportive universe.
In a series of healings, Shelby’s radiance pours forth...

At dusk Shelby and I make our way to the ocean, where we share in love and expansion. The waves move in a wash of awareness. Bliss and peace are upon us.

In the depths, I see Shelby as the Goddess of Love and the Sea, a warm wash of pinks and blues, the horizon of a sunset as it meets the water. She brings much needed medicine to me at this time though her embodiment, and I feel recieved in the fullness of her Love. I bring the Clarity that she needs, and in our shared qualities there is healing.

Between us I see that she is the Mermaid and I am the Lion. She a maiden of compassion, and I a knight of courage. Balancing the qualities between us in our alchemy of relationship.

Upon the next day, I ride with Allowah to the airport on his mission to continue the medicine work, and bring the car back. I continue to build out this story and end up retreaving him again as the flight is missed. In his generosity I am able to get groceries from the store to support us for the next days as we work on the Mythica. We return to Naples where I meet with Shelby, where she brings further sustenance, and we share in heart felt connection, Love and intimacy. Her presence softens me, to feel so fully received and seen is true medicine.

Upon entering the sanctuary I encounter a man with a purple box filled with plant medicines who is visiting. In the synchronicity, Peter and I offer song and prose to him and are offered plant medicine in return, like days of old. We find that he has a dance studio, of which there is resonance in the love of dance. Peter and I go out into the night, speaking of the language of vibration, that of texture and feeling sensations, in a shared telepathic space of inspiration and expansion. As Peter brings up the topic of High Speach, lightning crackles in the distance, and there in the resonant space we share the shamanic experience of its synchrony, feeling that we are in the realms of his alchemy, that of lightning and fire, of heaven coming down to earth.

We follow our inspiration to the ocean, where we walk upon the sands feeling the textures beneath our feet. There I feel the support of the Mother, the soft sands beneath my feet supporting me, the wash of waters soothing me. Lightning flashes as inspirations flow through us, divining new opportunities of expansion in the field. We purport once again that true victory comes from the realignment with Nature, of which the practices of the emergent paradigm are meant to serve.

We recognize our aliance in the bringing forth of these practices through the teaching of the Deva Yoga to assist in the awakening, and to aid in the healing of the people through the medicine work, vibrational healing and music. In brotherhood and valor we walk towards our Destiny, aligned in a higher purpose to help humanity awaken. Returning to the lair we rest.

In the morning I go again with Allowah to the airport, where he makes his way to his destination to bring the medicine to the people. We are aligned in the medicine ceremony, of which we make intention to share in the healing, in my offering of music. I share of the vision of the deliverance of the new yogas, that of the deva yoga (consciously connecting with the land), life-visioning, and the manifestation technique of actively shifting one’s vibration, in which we share deep alignment. The intention for me is this, to help us awaken to our life purpose and realign with Nature. There is a seed within us, a purpose that wants to bloom through us.

I return the car to its borrowed destination, and along the way of my walk I pass these trees, reminding me of something much more ancient amidst the metropolitan. I find my way amidst the cars, attempting to hail a cab. As I come to a mall, the rain begins. I have a feeling of being that ancient amidst the metro, of being the iconoclastic shaman from the land led by god...

Returning to the sanctuary through the graciousness of Shelby’s transport, Peter and I continue to work on the Mythica, striving to have access to the ideas on how to prepare the good works to be presented to the world.

We walk towards the Ocean, bards of the great story, wielding our powers in righteous service for the Awakening...

Nestled here in Naples, we continue our works to bring the Mythica offerings to the people. The medicine has given me insight to focus on the music, of which its offering will soon come. We engage in the clearing practices now in constancy, a discipline we now share since the inception of Zen Awakening.

The Quest Continues...

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