About twelve thousand years ago humans started farming crops and animals. This enabled them to stay in one spot with a permanent food source. The first crops grown was wheat.


The second agricultural revolution began about a century ago. It shifted agricultures foundation by making agriculture rely on a new fossil fuel instead of the sun. Now farms could be managed more like factories.

bananas in a factory

The third agriculture revolution occurred in the 1970's to the 1980's. They used better seeds and fertilizer to get more out of their crops.


A gmo is a organism that has modified genes from genetic engineering. Many crops are engineered to do things like resist herbicides. They help food be better quality, and help farmers make more food but sometimes they aren't safe.

Subsistence farming is the farmer growing food for him and his family. Sustainable farming is where the farmer is trying to make products but still protect the environment. Commercial farming is using advanced technology to make money.

An average dairy cow produces 7 gallons of milk a day. Cows don't have teeth on the tops of their mouths. 1 pound of wool makes about 10 miles of yarn. Cows can't make milk without birthing a calf first.

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