Girl Online Zoe Sugg

It takes place in Britain. I Imagine it to be really cold with little shops and like grocery places and malls. I imagine Penny Living in a nice city in a nice neighborhood because her house sounds pretty big and its also connected to another house so thats pretty cool.

Penny's school, I am not sure the specific location but it sounds pretty close to Penny's house because sometimes she walks to a restaurant called BJ's that is on the dock, with her friends, and then walks back to her place or sometimes she walks there with Elliot. Penny's house which is located in a City in Britain and it is connected to Elliot's house because him and Penny are only a door away. Finally, The wedding shop which does not have a specific location but it is near other shops and I think it is close to Penny's house, the wedding shop is a shop owned by Penny and her Mom (mostly her mom but Penny just helps with it)

In the 20 first century because it was made last year or two years ago and so it takes place in around 2015 or 16. I imagine it to look a bit like San Fransisco, I have never been to Britain or London so I am not sure exactly what it looks like. I see it looking like San Fransisco because it said Penny is only a door away from Elliot and the houses in San Fransisco are so close together its almost like there touching.

The time in my book is December and I think it snows in December there. I imagine it to be like below zero and really foggy (really cloudy). It doesn't really explain that its cold in the book. The characters are not wearing cloths that someone would wear if it was could, they wear dresses, jeans and a top, clothing like that. So Im not really sure if its sunny or snowy but I imagine it being snowy in December there.

I imagine there being not a whole lot of people in the area that my character lives in. Every time I read I just imagine it looking exactly like San Fransisco because there are little places and restaurants.

The clothing is basically normal. The people wear jackets, sweaters, pants, shirts, dresses, and just normal clothing that people wear. The book is based on 2015 or 16 so I assume it being normal clothing. They use technology such as phones and computers and TVs. Basically modern day items.
The story is a kind of changing mood in the story right now because most of the people are cheerful but sometimes when Penny has a panic attack or friend drama the book takes a turn and gets a little emotional so its a little bit of a happy mood and a sad mood.
The setting really effects the story. If Penny didn't live were she does, she wouldn't have Elliot. Also if there houses were not connected, it would be harder for them to see each other because all they have to do is open there door or make a signal saying can I come in so spend time with each other. If it wasn't like that, Penny might have had more anxiety because Elliot helps a lot with her worries and her friend drama, he tells her what could help and what to do if something is bothering her.


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