Joseph Henry

Henry in 1831 created one of the first machine to use electromagnetism for motion this was the earliest ancestor of modern DC motor. In 1848 Henry worked in conjunction with Professor Stephen Alexander to determine the relative temperatures for different parts of the solar disk years later Henry was judge for electrical exhibits. Henry was a member of the unites lighthouse board. Henry show interest in seeing bells experimental he developed the electromagnet into a practical device and he invented a precursor to the eclectic doorbell.

Henry born in December 17 1797 and he died in may 13 1878.

he was a professor at new jersey in 1826 Henry accepted a job as the school professor as mathematics and natural philosophy in 1832 Henry was named professor of natural philosophy at the college of new jersey and years later established his international reputation in science.

Henry invented one of the best theories of electromagnetism, this come successful to the science, to know the type of physical interaction between electrically particles, also he created a doorbell and this was successful in science and this was a good theory for the entrance of homes and buildings the doorbell rings inside when the visitor press the bottom of the entrance.

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