So... you don't have a Valentine By Mazey Perry

For whatever reason, that special someone hasn’t asked, or maybe you don’t have a special someone at all.

Before you sit on the couch with a tub of ice cream, alone, watching movies about the kind of love you don’t, and probably never will have, wait. Not having a valentine in 2020 may seem earth shattering, and if like me, you’re a Hallmark Channel junkie, you may feel like an absolute failure, unable to ever be loved and sure you will be dying alone.

In a world where self care and self love are a huge focus, why does that go out the window on the one day of the year we celebrate love? When Feb. 14 roles around don’t buy decorations for your pity party. Go look in a mirror and throw what you see a party.

In 2020 you are your own valentine. Who needs a significant other when you can buy yourself your favorite flowers and chocolate. No need to drop subtle hints about the red roses and caramel filled chocolates. You know yourself better than anyone else and Valentine's Day is the perfect day to put that to use.

Created By
Mazey Perry


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