Mohandas Gandhi Make indian hindus and muslims free

My name is Mohandas Gandhi, I was born on October 2, 1869 in India, and I went to school to become a lawyer, but my life changed when I saw British control at its fullest. I now wish to free Indian Hindus and Indian Muslims, but I need my fellow Indian's help. I believe through civil disobedience and passive resistance we can get the British to leave out nation.

In 1893, I traveled to South Africa for an Indian trading and shipping company, but what I witnessed there changed my perspective. The inequalities and discriminations were shocking. While there I worked with other Indian-rights activists in South Africa to create the Natal Indian Congress, in order to give Indians more of a voice in South African government. In 1914, I decided to head back to Indian to help create reforms there as well.

I came back to India to a warm welcome, where now I am going to create non violent protests, and boycotts of British goods, so they cant rely on us and control us. But even if they try to beat us we must resist and take it, we will become tougher from their beatings, and they will learn that we are stronger than them.

I wish for my fellow Indians to use their own goods and don't purchase good from the British in order to weaken them. Spin your own cloth and buy locally produced goods, so they British cannot make money from us.

While in jail for being guilty of seditious acts, I need my fellow Indians to keep my reforms going, to further weaken the British's control. When I return I have many plans for what we must do to overcome the British.

We will march 200 miles to the sea in protest of the British's Salt Act of 1882. When there we will simply make salt and violate British law without violence. I may go to jail again but we will show the British that their laws won't stop us from resisting.

In later years, by 1942 we will start the Quit India movement, were we shall demand for India's independence from the British, If we must get arrested and we must fast we will, whatever it takes.

After all of this we will win our independence for India. For Muslims and Hindus together we will have a hard earned victory and we will finally be free of British's rule!


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