What does our new president represent? Presidential-elect donald trump

What can NOT be ignored!

A series of events have transpired that requires the attention of the nation to be focused as a whole since the presidential election. Three California mosques received random threatening letters basically applauding President Donald Trump for the genocide of Muslims like Hitler did to the Jews. Also the letter expressed that Muslims are "children of Satan", "vile and filthy people", and "worship the devil." Due to these terrifying allegations, Muslim women have become aghast in wearing their hijab, which is another word for their headscarves. In North Carolina there was a Ku Klux Klan victory parade. This parade was to celebrate Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, and relay the message "Trump= "Trump's race united my people" for the next meet on December 3. Lastly, there have been multiple rallies in Georgia, Chicago, Boston, California, Texas, etc. that have turned violent; whether from law enforcement or citizens taking thing in their own hands. Nothing says "unity" like a crowd full of people that are ready to tear each other's heads off.

What Does our New President represent?

Why has our nation as a whole become what it seems so divided like never before? Could it be because our new president gives hope of white supremacy? Which is an act or the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society. This article isn't to persuade you to believe President Donald Trump isn't anything these series of events and evidence doesn't show he is. Over the course time of his campaign he's said things that are inexcusable for the power that comes with presidency. Does he not understand the things he says and actions he makes is a platform or reflection of how we as a country unite? The things that needed to be discussed to the public to help justify what he stands for, he's turned his head to. For example, children at schools have started making chants about the segregation of water fountains, restrooms, buses, etc. There have been numerous amounts of threats about being able to "lynch colored" again. Ku Klux Klan organization has posed a threat after the nomination of his presidency a group was spotted parading his win across a North Carolina bridge. Does he not care he's starting the re-occurrence of world division? Not to mention Donald's outlook on women. Donald has labeled women "fat pigs" and "dogs"; and feels that it is appropriate to "grab women by the pussy" for the sake of a man's satisfaction. Why would we want this man to represent us as a country and he doesn't even respect women? Is this how you want your son to grow up and view women with no respect, or your little girl to grow up thinking she's worthless or her role is beneath a man. A man who wants women to be punished for having abortion, which is a God given decision. A man that has no respect for diversity stating that all Mexicans do is rape and steal American jobs. Trying to enforce that we build a wall that separates America from Mexico and that he plans to make Mexico pay for it. The amount of ignorance this man has towards everything you can almost infer he's going to destroy our honor as American people.

Taking a S.T.A.N.D

We should know as a country this is not how we create unity. We should know it's not okay to treat people differently because of their race. We should know it's not okay for our children to grow up in a country where we are not treated equally. Therefore, why should we stand by someone who goes against everything we've tried to change? A man full of misleading character traits that aren't particularly consistent. We shouldn't convert back to a world of hate, or be triggered by a man that is full of destruction. We as the people need to come together like never before, we should not be divided. This is not the way we should live it only leads us as a country in the wrong way. We will continue to have violent riots and hate crimes which all contribute to the way we view each other different. Over the course of the last three centuries people have risked and given their live for this kind of change. We should not be acceptable to the kind of things this man represents. We should want to live in the world where everyone has a equal chance no matter the race or gender. When God created us he say no division for superior race he created us equal and that is the way we should live.


Photo essay

All these images I chose represents Trump and what he stands for. My photo also don't have a specific community because I addressed the nation as a whole. The first of the women holding the poster that reads "grab her by the pussy" is a quote that represents Trump. This is what he said men should do to satisfy themselves. The look on this women's face shows a great level of angry and dissatisfaction. Trump's tweet is another representation of who he is and what he stands for. It's not okay to to automatically think because men and women are in the same facility a rape is bound to happen. That's a small mind thing to say, people should have more control of themselves, instead of justify things as they should've been in the same facility.

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Reflection piece

1.) My goals were to expose the things said and done by Donald Trump, that would cause some people in our country to do terrible things. I achieved that by gather articles, finding tweets, and getting series of events that's taken place since the presidency.

2.) My particular audience was the nation. One because Donald Trump is now our president.

3.) I actually like the citing sources via hyperlink it gave my paper and the reader more engaged. Knowing I did my homework and got some evidence that backs up argument.

4.) One thing I could've improved is how I structured the essay. I feel like i could've went more in depth about this real-world community problem.

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