Persepolis Tanya Zhina

Why is Persepolis relevant and how does the form of the graphic novel help the reader understand the subject matter?

Persepolis is relevant in today's world because it shows a charachter that is coming of age who is struggling to find their identity. As we start to grow up we try to learn more about ourselves and try to discover our identities and what we like and dislike and exoeriment.

In the graphic novel Marjane started out as a 14 year old girl who lived in Iran with her parents and went to school and praised the Shah. Until the revolution came to be and this was when she started to grow up and start to understand what was going on and why it was happening.

Marjane also believed she was the next prophet.

After much consideration her parents believed that it would be best to send her away so that she can actually have a nice like. They knew that if she stayed in Iran she would always be living in fear and would never live a happy life,

The panel above is an example from the novel of how much Marjane had grown from when she was in Iran to when she was in Vienna. No matter where you are, everyone will go through puberty and start to grow physically and mentally. But it seems as if Iran did not let Marjane grow as a person and once she was in a new setting she was about to express herself freely.

In Marjane's teen years she experimented different looks on herself until she found one she's felt comfortable with. This is what makes Persepolis relavant to today's world. Although not many of us can relate with what she saw and went through in Iran we can relate with her going through her "awkward" and rebellious teenage years.

Marjiane tells herself this in the mirror at age fourteen, and she grapples with this for the rest of the book… and probably for the rest of her life.This is what growing up is about: learning who you are, and staying true to that.

In Babak Elahi's "Frames and Mirrors in Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis" Satrapi forces her readers first to see Marjane as a complex individual by seeing her through the frame of the comic book narrative and its panels. Marjane is seen as a complex individual because of the environment that she is in. It can also be that she is just a a confused child that likes to speak her mind like many of us.

The article also provides another example in which Marjanes mom plays an important role in why Marjane disguises her identity. Her mother also disguises her identity. She lives in fear about political retribution. In practically every mirror reflection of herself Marjane, like her mother is frowning or even crying.

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