Art in the Good Life By annie warner

Medium of the Art

Often times art looks incredibly different in person than online or in a textbook. As a result, getting the opportunity to see art in person allows for a whole new perspective, experience, and understanding. While at the Harn I had the opportunity to see Ode à l’Oubil by Louise Bourgeois. This work of art is a series of hand-sewn and stitched cloth with lithography all framed and placed side by side. Seeing this large work in person allowed me to appreciate all of the hand stitched pieces of cloth as individual works of art and as one large beautiful masterpiece. This work was actually one of my favorite pieces in the Harn. It caught my eye because it was so unique. I think that if I had seen this same work pictured in a textbook I would not have been able to truly appreciate all of the small details which make it so beautiful to me.

Design of the Museum

When I first entered the museum I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy, openness, and culture. The first room that we entered was very large with high ceilings and white walls. The lighting was carefully designed in a way that highlighted each work of art. The architectural choices of high ceilings and white walls made the gallery feel very large and open. I think that the artistic architectural choices enhanced my experience of the museum.

Art and Core Values

One core value of mine is location. Travel has been a large passion for me starting at a young age. My major is international relations and as a result global citizenship plays a large role in my life. I grew up in New Jersey and spent a large portion of my child hood in New York City. No matter where I go in the world New Jersey and New York will always hold a very special place in my heart as well as the many family and friends of mine that live there. While visiting the Harn museum, a place very far from home, I saw a photo of New York City and it truly made me miss my childhood home. After staring at the photo for a few minutes I noticed that the twin towers were pictured. Growing up so close to New York City I know many people who were affected by the events that took place on November 11, 2001 including some close family friends. This photograph reminded me that no matter where in the world I am living I will always love my home and the people who raised me.

Art and the Good Life

Pictured above is a sculpture titled Seated Buddha. The particular sculpture displays the theme of faith. Often times religion and faith helps us to achieve the good life. Having a higher power to look to can be incredibly helpful, motivating, and comforting for many people. Buddha is a large religious figure that millions of people worldwide look to for guidance. This statue perfectly emulates the importance of religious figures across the globe by putting Buddha on a pedestal as well as depicting him as calm and wise.

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