Secret Spots Perth Edition

A secret spot to take your SevenC’s - Perth

The readers from Perth and the surrounding areas may be familiar with the little gem that is Point Peron, but for those of you not from around here, let us introduce it to you.

Point Peron is located about an hours drive south of Perth in the Shoalwater Islands marine park. It is home to some of the best snorkelling around and its protected areas are wonderful for stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. Since Point Peron is located on a point – spoiler alert 😉 – if the wind isn’t favourable on one side, you can get some great protection on the other side of the point.

The limestone you’ll find throughout the park has been carved away to gift us with various underwater caves and swim throughs which make this an even more immersive experience. Some of the fish species you will meet are pink snapper, King George whiting and tailor. And if you are really lucky you might come across a bottlenose dolphin or a loggerhead turtle to observe.

Image by Jason Milligan (@millo_hd). Check out their amazing images here

If snorkelling or swimming isn’t your thing, there are a couple of walking tracks that might peak your interest. The Cape Peron Loop Trail is suited to all fitness levels. The trail loops around the point with a wide, predominantly limestone track. Be sure to visit the viewing deck near the carpark to take the opportunity to release your inner photographer and get some pictures for the gram. If you have a little bit of gas left in the tank, why not brave the (what feels like) 500 stairs to visit the World War II gun lookout. The view is incredible, and you can’t help but feel thankful to the brave men and women that fought to keep our country safe.

The large reefs and limestone caves make Point Peron a popular fishing spot. You will find herring, tailor and silver trevally year round, and you’ll find crabs and crayfish up for grabs during the season. Fishing of any sort in some of the Shoalwater Islands marine zones is not allowed, so before dropping a line or jumping in with your speargun, get familiar with the zones. These can be found HERE

Please be mindful when snorkelling the delicate reefs around you. Don’t feed or touch the marine life, observe from a safe and respectful distance. Be wary of your flippers in the shallower areas as coral is fragile and easily breaks off. Enjoy yourself, but please leave the beach as you found it 😊

Cover image is by Kim - @13_kbk_13 Check out their amazing work here


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